The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Season One)

The Executioner and her Way of Life Title

Menou is a just and true priestess who searches for Lost Ones, people that have been summoned from another world without their consent. These Lost Ones all develop powers that if left unchecked could be catastrophic!

The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Season One)

What did you watch?

I love a good Isekai. Hell, I even enjoy not-so-good ones. So, when I saw that there was a new Isekai with a female lead and yuri undertones, I knew that I would have to watch it. That’s what I’d heard about the show before going in and that’s more than enough to get anyone started. It’s worth noting that there is a pretty big twist in the first episode and I’d hate to spoil that for anyone, so if you haven’t seen The Executioner and Her Way of Life yet you should do that before reading any further, because, I’m going to talk about it. I have to… You have been warned.

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 1 Menous powerful

What happened?

Mitsuki was summoned to a new world. He was still wearing his school uniform when he found himself in a strange room with strange people. He was delighted. No more school, no more bullies, no more obscurity. Well, that’s what he thought. It turned out he had null Pure Concept and was abruptly kicked out of the castle and abandoned in this new world with nothing more than the clothes on his back.

Luckily, a young priestess spotted him and offered him some help. She took him to her church and on the way revealed that every Lost One was summoned with a power. She was certain that he did have one. It was possible, the people summoning him missed it. In fact, they had seen it but didn’t understand the information they were given. Mitsuki’s power was Null. He could make stuff simply vanish without a trace. It was a powerful ability, but before he could celebrate, the priestess stabbed him in the head, vending his Isekai adventure!

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 1 Menou

What did you think?

So, the big twist was that the story wasn’t about Mitsuki at all. He was just there to show us what Menou, the priestess does. Once, we knew that the story really began as there was another Lost One summoned at the same time in an attempt to hide it from the church. She had the Pure Concept of time and whenever Menou tried to kill her, she simply rewound time and continued oblivious of Menou’s attempts on her life. This was an amazing twist, but that was nothing compared to what happened later. I loved this series and am already hoping that we get another season.

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 5 Akari and Menou

What was your favourite moment?

This is the second twist. I’m pleased to say that I kind of saw it coming and suggested that it might be a possibility early on, but the delivery was even better than I had imagined. Akari, the Lost One with the Pure Concept of time had rewound time many, many times already. She’d experienced all of this over and over again in an attempt to ensure that Menou survives and can kill her…

The best thing about this is that there’s an Akari that resides in her subconscious that remembers everything, but she makes her outward personality forget each time. That way she doesn’t change too much too soon, but maybe that’s exactly what she should have been doing. Anyhow, it was a great moment when the subconscious Akari took over and showed everyone just how strong her Pure Concept is.

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 6 Akari resets her memories

What was your least favourite moment?

The thing that I still don’t get is why Akari wants Menou to kill her. She’s clearly in love with Menou and it seems like the feeling is mutual. Menou has a dream/memory that has Akari in it from before she knew Akari. Maybe, that’s from the previous timelines… Either way, I can see why Akari wants Menou to survive. That makes perfect sense. I can also understand that she was bitterly unhappy in her old life and has welcomed the summoning that brought her here. Now, she’s happy and has Menou. So why does she want Menou to kill her?

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 12 Akari

Who was your favourite character?

I loved subconscious Akari that took control whenever something changed or she needed to fix things, however, she wasn’t in it enough, so I’m taking my love elsewhere. This will probably come as no surprise to anyone, but Princess Ashuna was my favourite character, although she too could have seen a little more time. I did enjoy the relationship been Menou and Akari as well… I mean it wouldn’t be a yuri Isekai without them, so thanks!

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 3 Princess Ashuna having fun

Who was your least favourite character?

This may be controversial based on some of the comments on various message boards, but I did not like Momo, Menou’s assistant. She was clingy and annoying. I loved it when she lost control and went berserk at the church, but other than that, I did not enjoy any scenes with her in them. I think she could end up becoming a villain as she wants to take the burden of killing Akari from Menou. Her “love” of Menou is dangerous and I can see things getting a bit crazy there.

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 8 Momo upset

Would you like some more?

I would love some more. In fact, I would have rated this series much higher had it been a twenty-four-episode series as that would have given it the chance to answer some questions. It was an enjoyable journey and there were a lot of great moments, but I really needed to know why all this was happening. It hinted that Flare may be the one behind everything, but we don’t know what she’s planning or why. It’s not that I would like some more, I need more.

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 12 Akari and Menou

What have you learnt?

I’ve known this for a while, but it’s always nice to confirm things. I love yuri romance. I don’t know exactly why although I have some ideas, but it’s always enjoyable to watch. So, I was delighted when this one continued that trend. The fantasy world was interesting and the characters had some fascinating motivations, but I think the romance between Menou and Akari was my favourite thing. The lengths that Akari is going to in order to save Menou is staggering.

I also love a good twist so this series really grabbed my attention with the first episode and held it firmly for the remainder of the season. More and more twists kept coming and while some felt predictable, it didn’t make them any less enjoyable. If anything I was happier that I was able to predict them. I love breaking down the story as it happens so that I can see what’s coming. I’ve been doing this long enough that it’s becoming second nature. It does make it harder to just enjoy stuff, but I don’t really mind. I’d rather be fully invested in the story and the characters and this is how I do it.

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 4 Akari hugging Menou dropped towel

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