The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Episode 10) – The Daughter of a Lost One

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Akari tries to get some answers out of Manon but ends up with more questions. Luckily, Menou arrives to save her before returning to the fight. However, Manon is not the one she should worry about!

The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Episode 10) – The Daughter of a Lost One

What happened?

Manon revealed that she knew about Akari and her powers. She believed that Akari had rewound time several times so far, but how she knew was a very different prospect. It might just change everything about this world. Apparently, she knew because Pandaemonium told her… Akari assumed it was so that Manon could get vengeance for her mother by killing the apprentice of Flare, however, she claimed that wasn’t the case.

All her life, Manon had been told she was useless because she didn’t inherit her mother’s Pure Concept. As such, she sought to get her vengeance on those in the Fourth and she did so, even though Akari had frozen them in time. Could Pandaemonium be stronger than Akari? It certainly looks that way. Luckily for Akari, Menou burst in and saved her. She apologized for everything, assuming that Menou will have seen her true self.

Menou reassured her, telling her everything was all right although she had some questions that they will discuss later. Then, she ran back in to face Manon, who seemed to enjoy the confrontation. Menou does what Menou does best though, creating illusions and distractions allowing her to get close enough to stab Manon in the shoulder and then blow her arm clean off. That too was fine. She would be the sacrifice that would allow Pandaemonium to be reborn…

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 10 Menou reassures Akari

What did you think?

There’s been quite a bit of gore and a lot of darker ideas in this series, but this is now the pinnacle of that. Seeing Manon’s mother killed by Flare when she had done nothing wrong was brutal, especially as she did it in front of Manon just as she was about to say that she had an older sister… So, for my money, Pandaemonium is her older sister and Manon’s mother was brought here by Pandaemonium. It said she was not summoned by anyone, but I don’t think so.

This also leads to the idea that none of the Lost Ones that caused the four disasters are actually dead. Pandaemonium mentioned someone called Ivory who was the hero that saved the world before the church probably turned on them and sought to use their abilities for their own means. We’ve seen Akari face Ivory’s power and she couldn’t do anything about it. If the same is true of Pandaemonium, does that mean it has retained all of its knowledge every time Akari reset the world?

Finally, let’s talk about Pandaemonium. She is insane! It’s bad enough that she can be reborn from her own sacrifice, but she can summon demons using her body as a sacrifice and then be reborn through that too. This is a truly terrifying power and it has obviously done a number on Pandaemonium’s mental capacity. Did I mention that she is insane? This fight is going to be unreal and I feel like Menou’s going to need Ashuna and Akari’s help. Maybe even Momo if she can find the strength. I’m excited, but also terrified!

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 10 Pandaemonium is free

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