The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Episode 6) – [Regression: Memories, Soul, Spirit]

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Archbishop Orwell has revealed her plans and they don’t have a happily ever after for anyone but her, however, Akari may have something to say about that. Something big is about to go down!

The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Episode 6) – [Regression: Memories, Soul, Spirit]

What happened?

Menou is battling the Red Angel and is slowly running out of ether. Momo and Ashuna are trapped under the castle with a dragon and a demon for company. It looks like time is running out… Don’t forget about Akari, though. It would appear that the thought of losing Menou has caused her powers to activate. She seems more controlled, and more aware of what’s going on. She freezes the Archbishop’s assistants and then leaves, unable to stop the White. She’s never been able to stop it.

At least, she’s happy with how it’s going. This time she won’t need to reverse time at all. There is just one thing that she needs to do, however, and that is to age Momo’s ribbons. She’s got to awaken her somehow, and she hates that Momo gets all the gifts. Then, before allowing time to continue, she turns back her memories but retains her feelings for Menou.

Momo goes berserk when her ribbons catch fire. She literally punches the dragon to death and then goes after Orwell. Ashuna is impressed and decides to unleash her full powers too, cutting a building in two with her sword. Momo breaks into the Cathedral and leads the Red Angel away. That gives Menou the chance to use Akari’s ether to finally defeat Orwell.

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 6 Akari and Menou

What did you think?

Well, I did it again. Two episodes ago, I said that the biggest twist would be if Akari remembered everything. And she does. It would appear that Akari has relived this world several times, each time growing fonder and fonder of Menou. However, Menou dies at the hands of Flare who then goes to kill Akari only for her to reset everything, including her memories. Her Pure Concept seemed to have retained all of this knowledge even if she can’t remember it. There must be a reason for her wiping her memory. My guess is that she overthinks things and that just makes everything worse.

I loved seeing Momo and Ashuna go wild. That was a blast and I will be looking forward to the next time that happens. I was surprised that Menou realised that Akari had been looping all this time and was still determined to complete her mission and kill Akari. I know Akari said that Menou is the only person that she’ll let kill her, but if that was truly the case, she wouldn’t have rewound time when Menou did kill her.

Also, the fact that Flare was using that salt sword to fight Menou and Akari in the future leads me to think that Flare is not entirely trustworthy either. In fact, the higher-ups in the church decided to hide Orwell’s acts. They are not out of the woods yet. This was a great episode and has elevated everything that came before it. Things that may have seemed odd or incomplete suddenly make a lot of sense. It’s been worth the wait too.

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 6 Akari resets her memories

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