The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Episode 4) – The Ancient Capital Garm

The Executioner and her Way of Life Title

As they continue their trip to Garm, Menou thinks about her time with Flare and how that shaped her life. She wants to ensure no one else has to experience what she did which is why she chose to kill!

The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Episode 4) – The Ancient Capital Garm

What happened?

Menou was wiped clean when a Lost One activated their power, however, she was the lucky one. Her entire village was turned to powder. Nothing survived. Before the Lost One could do any further damage she was defeated by Flare and Archbishop Orwell. Flare turned to leave but was told to watch over the only survivor. She should consider it a way of showing she’s grown.

Flare took Menou as far as she felt like and then threw some money her way. However, Menou continued to follow. She told Flare that she wanted to be her. She was willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that no one would have to follow in her footsteps. When they arrived in Garm they headed to the Cathedral where the ceremony to “send Akari home” would be conducted two days from now. Orwell met them there and asked Menou to look into the missing girls.

However, this made Akari mad as they had planned on spending the day sightseeing. It was supposed to be a date! Menou felt sorry for Akari who had stormed off to take a bath so she gave the task to Momo, warning her that whoever was behind the attack on the train was likely involved somehow. There could be far worse things than what they encountered. Akari was delighted when Menou told her that they would still go sightseeing! Maybe, a little too delighted…

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 4 Akari hugging Menou dropped towel

What did you think?

It was a slower episode but I think there is still a lot to unpack. The biggest question I have is how Menou survived that attack from the Lost One. At the moment, I think she may be a Lost One too and they’ve somehow controlled her power or it isn’t dangerous enough to concern them. Of course, that could be a miscalculation like Akari being a healer or Mitsuki having null power. I just hope that we’ll get some answers soon.

There was a moment when Orwell was talking with Flare although she wasn’t there. Now, this could be similar to how Momo and Menou communicate telepathically, but they never talk aloud while doing so. Orwell then said something about her back hurting. This all feels a little too suspicious to me. She’s hiding something and I think the need to kill all the Lost Ones may have more to it than just the four terrible events.

So, it looks like Akari is going to get that date she wanted. I can see some people watching this and wondering how she can attach herself to Menou so quickly, but it’s hinted at her having concerns about being abandoned or left behind. It makes sense then that she would want to be with the person that saved her. I think this bond will help her turn back time when they try to “send her back”. I think the biggest twist right now, would be if she retained her memories from before the time changes. What if Akari knows that Menou tried to kill her?

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 4 Flare and Young Menou

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