The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Episode 2) – The Lost One

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Menou found the other Lost One and convinces her to run away. As soon as she has her guard down, however, Menou stabs her in the neck. That’s when she discovers Akari’s True Concept and it’s worse than she imagined!

The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Episode 2) – The Lost One

What happened?

It was easy for Menou to convince Akari that she was in danger and that she was looking to help her. Of course, as soon as Akari was relaxed, she killed her. Well, she tried. Akari had told Menou that her special power was a healing power, which wasn’t true, but also not entirely a lie. Her True Concept was Time which she automatically reversed, returning her body to the moment before she had been stabbed.

Menou realised that she was in over her head and told Momo that there was a change of plans. She was going to take Akari with her and speak with the Archbishop for guidance on how to proceed. Akari slept while Menou reported on her failed mission. The Archbishop told her to bring Akari to Garm, the home of the priestesses.

Akari agreed to go and was actually quite excited. She wanted to go on an adventure. Who knows? They may even fall in love! Menou revealed that it would take them half a day by train to get there and once there, they would send her back to Japan. There was a little bit of a commotion at the station, but that involved Princess Ashuna, the daughter of the soon-to-be-executed King for summoning Lost Ones. It could be an eventful trip after all.

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 2 Menou finds Akari Tokitou

What did you think?

It’s a bit of a slow burn, but intriguing nonetheless. I’m enjoying the world and am already seeing signs of things that will derail Menou’s mission. I mentioned earlier that Akari was easy to convince, but that was because Menou reminded her of her dream where she came to another world and met someone special. When they jumped off the ledge and Menou carried her down, you could see the look in Akari’s eyes. She’s already convinced.

Of course, it looked like it was going to be all one way, but then Akari started to annoy Menou a little bit. That was the classic beginnings of a romance if ever I’ve seen one – enemies to lovers. I mean Menou literally killed her when they first met. Then, Akari being kind of annoying was her starting on the wrong foot and the classic misconceptions trope. Finally, we had Menou see Akari fulfilling a role in a dream she had, where she went to Japan. They are on a train right now, but it might as well be a ship!

As much as I am enjoying this situation and the clearly jealous Momo, it was the final moment of the episode that caught my attention. When I looked at the title image, one girl stood out to me. She was bizarrely dressed, looked quite cocky, and had a massive sword. So, imagine my delight when she walked into the episode and took over like a boss! I can see why those two soldiers were so keen to accompany her…

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 2 Princess Ashuna

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  1. What I like about Menou is that she doesn’t have a narrative that constantly urges viewers subconsciously to forgive her misdeeds/shortcomings and to like her no matter what she does; and this kind of narrative is unfortunately why I’m unable to sincerely like the female lead Lena from 86. Not that I hate this character or that she’s written to be boring and predictable (though it could be my inability to understand how she’s come to be the person she is in current timeline, probably me not being a white like Lena) since she’s the most pure character to exist in that series, but it kind of irks me that her existence is made only to make anyone, who looks like her, look bad, evil, and/or stupid. Hopefully you’ll see what I mean in first cour, especially ep 8 which is my least fave episode.

    Anyway on to Menou, maybe because of her upbringing that I’m able to understand why she needs to use deception on an innocent and cheerful teenage girl whom she needs to kill ASAP. Menou is somewhat an anti-Lena to me in which she has gray areas and I’m glad she’s not portrayed as “too saviour-y” because I would’ve mixed feelings if she were to turn out like that from very beginning.

    As for Akari, I beg to differ that she’s not an annoying deuteragonist for I can see her sheltered upbringing (possibly from an upper-middle class family) plays a major role in her being like any innocent teenage girl who loves to have a crush on someone. At least her being like this is more believable than 86 main heroine, Lena. Anyway, Akari may not be who she really is, judging how the opening theme’s sequence was portrayed…well at least that’s what I perceive from watching it.

    • I’ve not seen 86 so can’t comment, although it is climbing up my to watch list. Menou is committed to her belief and that is admirable. Of course, she’s seen first hand what the Lost Ones are capable, so that makes sense.

      I didn’t mean that I found Akari annoying. I meant that Menou found her annoying in the context of their developing relationship. Standard precursor to romantic entanglements. Both Akari and Menou are fascinating characters and are far more developed that it first seems. I’m just hoping we get a second season so that we can continue to discover what is going on.

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