The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Episode 5) – Goodbye

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After spending a whole day together, Menou and Akari return to the Cathedral for the ceremony. Menou tries to comfort Akari but is also determined to complete her mission. Sometimes, missions change!

The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Episode 5) – Goodbye

What happened?

Akari and Menou had a great time as they walked the streets and saw the sights. They had ice creams and bought things. Even though there was an incident with some gifts that Menou picked up for Momo, all went well. Akari even suggested that they bathe together. They could wash each other’s backs… Menou was shocked and probably a little embarrassed. She refused, leaving Akari to go alone.

Meanwhile, Momo had been investigating the missing women and found her way into a strange underground tunnel. There, she bumped into Princess Ashuna of all people. It would appear that they both are investigating different things, but there may be some overlap. Eventually, they find a summoning chamber deep beneath the Noblesse castle, but they don’t have the know-how to produce something like that. Only the Faust has that knowledge…

Akari took a seat on the altar in the middle of a hidden chamber within the Cathedral. She was nervous. She didn’t want to leave Menou yet and Menou felt the same way. It was about to begin when Momo managed to contact Menou. She turned to look at Archbishop Orwell who already knew. They fought and Menou fell into the chambers below. Orwell followed and revealed her plan. How she had helped the Noblesse so that they would look away. Orwell wanted Akari’s power and Menou’s body. Now, she had both!

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 5 Akari and Menou

What did you think?

Oooooooo! Now, that was a nice little twist. I said in the last episode that I didn’t trust Orwell or her intentions and now I know why. The best thing about this revelation is that Orwell is not some evil villain… well, she is, but she’s doing it because she is ageing and feels like she’s wasted her time in the church. These are completely believable motivations and that makes her that much more interesting than a simple agent of chaos.

There were some cute moments between Menou and Akari, but there also seems to be something brewing with Ashuna and Momo. It feels like that might not go anywhere, but I am enjoying their banter. Possibly, another enemies to lovers scenario. That moment when Akari’s legs were shaking because she was afraid to leave Menou was too much. I’m so glad they’ve quickly given them a chance to be together beyond this epsiode.

Of course, they all have a couple of obstacles to get past before anything like that can happen, but it’s up to them now. Also, the fact that Orwell told Menou that the White can be used to erase a Lost One’s mind and soul was particularly interesting as that is what happened to Menou. I still believe that she was a Lost One. The only question is what was her power and how does she get it back, presuming someone took it?

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 5 Akari doesnt want to leave Menou

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