The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter (Episode 4) – The Untainted Cleric

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Noir is desperate to save Maria and while Lola has gone to find her Cleric friend, he returns to the dungeon to see if Olivia has any advice for him. His luck might be about to change, but is he ready for it?

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter (Episode 4) – The Untainted Cleric

What happened?

Lola catches up with her friend Luna. She’s a half-elf and has the ability to heal people. Lola asks her to help. However, Luna’s exhausted from working too hard, although she is willing to meet with Noir to discuss the situation.

Meanwhile, Noir visited Olivia in the dungeon and she was pissed. It had been close to two weeks since he had visited her last. Still, she had some advice for him on how to gain LP. Apparently, the LP accumulation is greater if it’s with another race such as an elf… Also, she told him about a skill that could help him out – the Lucky Lecher.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 4 Olivia explains the bonus system for elves

Noir activated the new skill and went to meet with Emma, Lola, and the cleric. On his way there, he tripped and fell into Emma’s chest. Then an errant gust of wind lifted the skirts of every girl on the street. LP was literally falling from the heavens for Noir. However, worried that it would become too much, he edited the skill to make it less frequent and not when serious things were happening.

They met with Lola and Luna and discovered that Luna had seen Maria before but was unable to lift the curse. Curious, Noir had a peek at her skills and discovered that lifting a curse would shorten her own lifespan. After discussing the situation in private, Luna told Noir about how her mother died lifting curses, but she was resolved to help Maria at any cost.

Noir saw the results for himself when Luna’s cowardice skill activated after she healed a boy caught in an accident. She was scared and rightly so. Noir said that he wouldn’t let her hurt herself for others and that he had found a way to edit her skill, changing it so that lifting curses cost her money and not lifespan. They just needed to get some money for Luna and LP for him to be able to do it. Luckily, the weekly harem pride tournament might be just the thing they need…

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 4 Luna and Lola

What did you think?

Things continue to get easier and easier for Noir, but that’s fine. It’s all good. However, I’m not sure what he was thinking by adjusting the lucky lecher skill. Those points are going to add up pretty quickly, especially if he just went for a walk down a busy street. He was getting 150 LP minimum every time he saw some panties. It wouldn’t take long to get to the 10,000 LP he needed. I mean he got 1,500 from nibbling Emma’s ear back in episode two.

It makes no sense that no one can add up or do simple sums to realise that 10,000 is not a big number in the scheme of things. Anyhow, I literally laughed my ass off when we saw the arena full of angry dudes looking for some poor unsuspecting harem to vent their rage at. I get the feeling the next episode is going to be hilarious.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 4 Noir Lucky Lecher

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