Chainsaw Man (Volume 2) – Chainsaw vs. Bat

Chainsaw Man Volume 2 Cover

Denji is determined to touch boobs and will even fight the Bat Devil to accomplish his goal. But will the reality of Power’s boobs live up to his dream? That’s if he ever accomplishes it!

Chainsaw Man (Volume 2) – Chainsaw vs. Bat

What happened?

Power had tricked Denji and used him as a way to recover her cat, Meowy, but she ended up being eaten by the Bat Devil along with Meowy. The Bat Devil had some grand plans about who he was going to eat, however, he hadn’t planned on Denji being a devil, especially a devil that wants to kill other devils and not eat humans. The things Denji will do just to touch some boobs!

Amazingly, Denji defeated the Bet Devil and saved Power, but then another Devil attacked, one that had been planning on meeting up with the Bet Devil, her boyfriend. Denji put his life on the line fighting to save Power even after what she did to him. He held on long enough for Aki and his team to show up, destroying the Leech Devil with his Fox Devil.

Denji vouched for Power and earnt a bit of respect from her. Makima then transferred Power to Aki’s team to work with Denji. She also wants Denji to kill the Gun Devil, a mysterious being that killed 1.2 million people in under five minutes. Their only clue to its whereabouts is tiny fragments of its body. Unfortunately, other Devils have been eating them and gaining more power. Their first lead takes them to a tower block where they get trapped on the eighth floor.

Chainsaw Man Volume 2 Denji kills Bat Devil

What did you think?

Well, I still don’t trust Makima. There’s something about her that just puts me on edge. Of course, by the time this post is published, I should have watched the first season of the anime. Maybe, that’ll confirm or deny my concerns. While I breezed through this volume of Chainsaw Man it wasn’t as good as the first volume. The battle with the Bat Devil was amazingly drawn, but it lacked any real punch to it.

I also can’t help but notice the similarities with Jujutsu Kaisen and Sukuna’s fingers, especially how they seem to strengthen those that eat them. I am definitely curious about the Gun Devil and why it mysteriously vanished. I’m looking forward to learning more about the Gun Devil and everything else in this crazy world.

So, I am one hundred percent behind Denji’s motivation. Giving him ridiculous goals wouldn’t work. It needs to be something as simple as he is. However, he has become a screaming fool when it comes to boobs. It’s fairly noticeable in the manga so I’m worried he will be even worse in the anime. Could it be another Zenitsu? Anyhow, it was a good volume, but it lacked the shock factor that the first volume had.

Chainsaw Man Volume 2 Power lets Denji touch her boobs

Volume highlights

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