Chainsaw Man (Volume 13) – Spoiler

Chainsaw Man Volume 13 Cover

After being saved by Chainsaw Man, Asa continued her search for his true identity. First, however, she had to check on Yuko who was hurt when they ran from the Bat Devil. Yuko then reveals a shocking secret!

Chainsaw Man (Volume 13) – Spoiler

What happened?

Denji was determined to out himself as Chainsaw Man and bask in the attention that would give him. However, Hirofumi has been tasked with ensuring that doesn’t happen. He’s also supposed to ensure Denji has a safe and comfortable life, so when Denji reveals he wants a girlfriend, Hirofumi attempts to make that happen. Sadly, that didn’t go so well, but at least he got to speak to a girl even if she hates Chainsaw Man. That girl was Asa and in a bid to convince her that he knows what Chainsaw Man is thinking he tells her that he is Chainsaw Man.

Yuro, the war devil wants to kill him there and then, but Asa doesn’t believe him. He’s just a fanboy! Regardless, she has to go and check on Yuko. When she gets there, she finds out that Yuko has no friends and since they are now friends, they need to exchange a secret. Asa tells her about a time she peed herself at school. Yuko reveals that she killed her neighbour. She also reveals that she made a contract with the Justice Devil and plans on taking care of Asa’s bullies.

Asa wants to stop her, however, Yuro thinks this is the perfect way to draw out Chainsaw Man. So, when Yuko starts killing bullies at the school. Yuro tries to fight her. However, the War Devil isn’t strong enough and can’t get past the Justice Devil’s premonitions. She hands over the fight to Asa who managed to kill Yuko using her uniform that her dead mother gave her to create a sword. However, a girl appears and asks Asa if she’d like to save Yuko. She does but doesn’t remember what happened next.

In her next memory, Yuko was revived and somehow grew to be enormous. Then, Denji shows up and fights back, revealing himself to be Chainsaw Man, however, he’s stopped by Hirofumi. Yuro attempts to fight Chainsaw Man, but he vanishes.

What did you think?

I can’t say that I’ve particularly enjoyed the series since the new arc began. The shift away from Denji as the main character has been a strange choice. Of course, he’s still in it and very much involved, but Asa is the focal point of the story right now and that’s not working as well for me. Ultimately, it doesn’t feel as well crafted as the first arc. We’re missing a lot of the characters that made the series so enjoyable such as Power and Makima.

The mysterious girl who showed up when Yuko was dead was probably the most interesting point. She offered to revive Yuko and had earrings that resembled Chainsaw Man’s starter cable. We also saw Yuko getting beheaded by what looked like Chainsaw Man when she ran away as the Justice Devil. My gut is telling me that it’s not Chainsaw Man as we saw Denji sleeping at this time. Was it the mysterious girl or maybe the guy in the Devil Hunters club who also had a chainsaw starter cable coming from his chest? It’s not bad, but it’s nowhere near as exciting or captivating as the first two volumes were.

Chainsaw Man Volume 13 Someone offers to restore Yuko

Volume highlights

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