Chainsaw Man (Episode 5) – Gun Devil

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Power rewards Denji for saving Meowy, however, it fails to live up to his expectations and puts him into a funk. Makima tries to bring him out and promises to do whatever he wants if he kills the Gun Devil!

Chainsaw Man (Episode 5) – Gun Devil

What happened?

Power sat waiting for Denji to claim his reward and in the end had to help him take the first step. After squeezing her boobs, a pair of pads fell out. Of course, they were padded. However, he still has two more squeezes and once it’s done Power bigs herself up and tells him how lucky he is. He doesn’t seem to agree. Makima helps Denji complete the paperwork after defeating the Bat Devil and can tell he’s not himself.

When she finds out what happened, she explains how she thinks sex works and ends up biting his thumb seductively. Then, she reveals that there is something she wants him to do. She will do anything he wants if he can kill the Gun Devil. Anything! Of course, Denji has never heard of the Gun Devil despite it killing 1.2 million people in five minutes. They’ve been collecting fragments of the Gun Devil that other devils have eaten. It makes them stronger, however, if they can collect enough pieces it should lead to the Gun Devil.

Aki’s team are sent to take care of a reported Devil in a hotel. It’s a pretty serious mission and as such six Public Service Agents have been sent in, Power and Denji included. Before entering the hotel, Hibeno makes things more interesting by offering a kiss on the cheek to whoever kills the devil. Denji’s not interested as he only has eyes for Makima. But, what if it was a kiss with tongues? Where is that devil?

Chainsaw Man Epsiode 5 Power and Denji

What did you think?

And there was yet another hint that Makima is really dangerous. As Denji was reassessing his life after squeezing Power’s boobs, she mentioned that she would like to retire now that she has Meowy back, but Makima is too scary to escape from. That then moved nicely into seeing Makima at work. She basically seduced Denji into agreeing to do whatever she wanted, which is fine. Or at least it would be if Denji didn’t have the mind of a child. The more I see of her, the more I don’t trust her.

I do like how this series is handling flashbacks and backstories. So far, we’ve only gotten a few short moments and this episode was a great example of that. Not only did we see how Aki’s family were killed but also when he first met Hibeno. This show is still all about Power and Denji and their weird dynamic. I love how comfortable they are with one another and how they are reacting the same. It was a fine episode that focused more on setting things up that delivering any action. Obviously, action is a huge part of this series, so its absence was noticed.

Chainsaw Man Epsiode 5 A piece of the Gun Devil

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  1. Hey there. Been busy lately as I reorganize myself physically and spiritually. It’s good to know that you didn’t get overwhelmed with the toxicity of the CSM fandom where one ungrateful Japanese fan start a stupid petition that the anime needs to be remake. As much as there are ungrateful fans from the West side, I never expect a Japanese fan to become an ungrateful bastard because Ryu Nakayama and his production crew has “translated” one of the best-selling manga into a beautiful work of art in the anime medium.

    Sure the killing scenes are very gory, but somehow it feels beautiful in a distorted way that doesn’t off one’s own empathy on what the characters were going through such events. At least that’s how I feel while watching CSM eventhough I’ve set boundaries on which scenes I should admire sincerely.

    This episode has showcased Makima’s hypnosis on Denji that one couldn’t deny that we’ll never fall for her if we were turned out to be a young orphan like Denji. I admit her seduction is realistic as there are teenage orphans who got indoctrinated by adults using their sexual traits.

    There are several anime-only viewers who misunderstood that this seductive scene was romanticised, disguised as fanservice though they’re not completely wrong. In fact, I don’t think CSM’s problematic/questionable stuff are romanticised…at least that’s what I’m able to see so far from my inner POV.

    • Hey, good to hear from you. I was surprised to see any objections to the adaptation of the manga as there are almost no differences. The only notable omission was the muscle devil straight after Makima picked up Denji. Otherwise, it’s been incredibly faithful.

      I’ve actually read eleven volumes of the manga now, I read the last six after finishing the anime so as not to spoil anything for myself. I can’t believe how much better it gets.

      I’ve never trusted Makima from the beginning and I’ve seen everything she does as incredibly manipulative. I can see why Denji is swayed by it, but from an outside perspective, it’s so obvious what she’s doing.

      I don’t think there’s been anything that I would construe as fan service. Even the nudity didn’t feel that way. There’s a purpose to it and like you say, there’s nothing romantic about it. It’s all about controlling Denji. Perpesctive is critical it would seem.

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