Killing Bites (Episode 5) – I’m Free to Have Sex Anyway I Want

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Taiga faces off against Crocodile, Gorilla, and Hippo, but makes it look like he’s fighting a petting zoo. Meanwhile, Eruza is in a spot of trouble and Yuuya is thinking of giving up Hitomi’s advantage to help!

Killing Bites (Episode 5) – I’m Free to Have Sex Anyway I Want

What happened?

Shouta is about to take on Taiga alone until Ryuuji steps in and says he’s fighting him. Ryuuji transforms into his crocodile form and attacks. However, Taiga is too quick and Ryuuji can’t land a hit. Then, out of nowhere, Shouta attacks in his gorilla form and sends Taiga flying. Rather than finish him off, Ryuuji and Shouta start to argue. That gives Taiga the chance to hit them both hard, taking them out of the contest.

Meanwhile, Eruza has been chasing Kaede and has got her on the ropes, but she didn’t account for Den and his cobra form. He wraps his tail around her and then slips the end into her mouth. Den is a massive creep and gets off on all sorts of things it would appear. Kaede puts the boot into Eruza and together they beat her up hard.

Taiga’s player commands him to move in Eruza’s direction to help, but as soon as the command is given Crocodile rises up and clamps his jaws down on Taiga’s leg. If he cannot follow the directions given in a certain time period, the device around his neck will explode. This was the plan of the Sumitomo Zaibatsu all along.

Yuuya realises that Eruza is outnumbered and in danger so he gives up Hitomi’s advantageous spot and sends her to help. Hitomi is shocked to receive orders from Yuuya but is surprisingly happy to do so. She attacks Den freeing Eruza before he can do anything unspeakable to her. However, Kaede takes on Hitomi and appears to have the advantage.

Luckily, this buys Eruza enough time to recover and she manages to hit Den hard before going after Kaede. Hitomi decides to focus on Den and they form an alliance for the time being.

Killing Bites Episode 5 Youko Mitsukado thinks Yuuya is an idiot

What did you think?

Boom! Things just got interesting. I love the way that they’ve taken the usual deathmatch fighting tournament and thrown a load more strategy into it. The plan to take Taiga out using the rules of the game was awesome. I doubt it will be successful, but I loved the idea behind it. One thing that I am finding a little hard to swallow is the fact that no one has actually died yet. Sure, the Zaibatsu are the real villains forcing others to fight for their entertainment, but it takes all of the stakes out of things if no one actually dies.

I hope I’m wrong as I’d like to see Den sliced into tiny pieces by Hitomi in the next episode. The Destroyal is turning out to be a lot of fun and makes it really hard to put this series down.

Killing Bites Episode 5 Ryuuji Shiina bites Taiga after he was given a command to move

Episode highlights


Tiger versus Crocodile versus Gorilla

Eruza runs into a trap!

Hitomi on the Move!

Den gets Freaky!

Gecko versus Ratel!

Have Faith!

Let’s Team Up!

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