Killing Bites (Episode 8) – Shit… Shit, Shit, Shit, Shit!!

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The stakes of the Destroyal have been revealed with the winning Zaibatsu gaining exclusive rights to all Therianthropes. It could spell doom for the others, but what exactly is Shidou up to? Also, Hitomi and Taiga throw down!

Killing Bites (Episode 8) – Shit… Shit, Shit, Shit, Shit!!

What happened?

Taiga seems less than impressed with Hitomi and believes that Leo threw the fight for some reason unknown to them. A bold suggestion, but since Leo is in the service of Youko Mitsukado that seems unlikely although not impossible. Anyhow, they fight. It’s fast and furious with barely a single hit making contact.

Meanwhile, Ui is running for her life as Shouta tries to keep up with her. After he gets given his new orders, he starts throwing trees at Ui in a hope of ending things before he has to move on. However, just as he has Ui cornered and looks like he’s going to pound her, Kido shows up and he’s not happy about Shouta destroying trees.

Shouta realises what he’s done and decides his only way out of this is to attack Kido. However, Kido takes a massive right hook from Shouta and doesn’t even flinch. Shouta panics and starts throwing everything he has a Kido. However, Kido barely moves and then just as Shouta tried to hit him with his strongest attack, Kido retaliated, slicing Shouta in two. He moves towards Ui who is terrified, but receives orders to move out and does so.

Everyone is shocked at Kido for killing his teammate, well, everyone apart from Youko, who doesn’t seem the least bit bothered.

Taiga and Hitomi continue to fight and it looks like Taiga just caught her with a sure-fire killer attack. But then he tells her to get up. He could tell she dodged it. Things are getting interesting!

Killing Bites Episode 8 Taiga and Hitomi

What did you think?

So, the big fight goes on for another episode. It’s a little frustrating, but then I’m not watching this as they aired so, I don’t have to wait if I don’t want to. Anyhow, the fight was pretty cool, but it was Kido that stole the limelight in this episode. What the hell is he? Poor Ui got so scared she peed, but at least she has some information on Kido to deliver to the others. Basically, don’t hurt the flora and fauna and you might be all right.

I’m curious to see what plans Shidou has in place and what will happen to the other Zaibatsu once the Destroyal is complete. This has been a really interesting series, I hope they manage to keep it up for the remaining episodes.

Killing Bites Episode 8 Shidous Adminstration

Episode highlights

Therianthrope Control!

The Main Event!

Run, Rabbit. Run!

Don’t Get in My Way?

Ratel versus Tiger!

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