Killing Bites (Episode 6) – Who Cares?

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Crocodile is keeping Taiga from following his orders which will mean certain death. Meanwhile, Hitomi and Eruza are facing the other members of the Sumitomo Zaibatsu. Will Yuuya regret his decision to move Hitomi?

Killing Bites (Episode 6) – Who Cares?

What happened?

After Eruza took over the fight with Kaede, Hitomi decided to turn her attention to Den. However, Den was pretty unhappy with his face being slashed by Eruza and fully transformed, taking on a monstrous cobra form. He attacked Hitomi relentlessly, not allowing her to get close. Eventually, he managed to ensnare her in his signature hold, but that was all part of Hitomi’s plan. She hit back and dived in for the kill.

Eruza managed to get to Kaede which made her turn into her full gecko form which made fighting her that much harder, especially as Kaede could now fight from any position. Meanwhile, Ryuuji had Taiga’s leg locked between his jaws, but Taiga managed to lock his body around Ryuuji, threatening to take him with him when his necklace explodes. Ichinosuke couldn’t sit back and watch so he hit them with a tackle, freeing Taiga.

Den managed to get the upper hand on Hitomi thanks to a poisonous cloud he created. With her incapacitated, he took her to an old cabin and revealed his hemipenis… He was about to use them too when Hitomi woke up and hit him where it hurts. He was confused as to whether his venom worked on her or not. Regardless, she attacked and sliced him in two.

Eruza appeared to take a lot of punishment from Kaede, but Kaede’s attacks were too slow and Eruza managed to easily take the hits. Unfortunately for Kaede, Hitomi joined the fight. Looks like Kaede is in a spot of bother!

Finally, Youko Mitsukado who was growing increasingly infuriated with Yuuya and Seira Son around her moved her fighter into the battle between Ryuuji and Ichinosuke. She seems pretty excited to see what he can do!

Killing Bites Episode 6 Youko Mitsukados fighter find Ichinosuke and Ryuuji

What did you think?

So much fighting and it was awesome! It looks like we may actually get a death in this battle-royale death-match format at long last and it’s looking like it’s going to be Den. Seriously, if he survives this I’m going to be pretty annoyed. His guts were hanging from his body. I feel like we need to talk about Den’s hemipenis too. I don’t want to, but we need to. So, several members of the reptilian family have what can basically be described as two penises. Now, did we really need to see Den’s hemipenis? I don’t think so and I’m amazed it got past the censorship police…

Anyhow, Hitomi was incredible, Eruza was cool too, and Youko still can’t play poker, but I love all of her crazy expressions. Bring me more!

Killing Bites Episode 6 Youko Mitsukados excited

Episode highlights

Cobra versus Ratel!

Gecko versus Cheetah!

Tiger versus Crocodile versus Hippo!

The Game Room!

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