Chainsaw Man (Episode 4) – Rescue

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Denji has just defeated the Bat Devil and rescued Power and Meowy. However, another devil has shown up and she isn’t too happy to find the Bat Devil dead. Denji fights back, but he’s low on blood and can’t get his saw going!

Chainsaw Man (Episode 4) – Rescue

What happened?

For Power, it must have been an incredibly surreal moment. One second she was inside the Bat Devil’s stomach, reunited with Meowy and the next Denji was holding her above the Bat Devil’s splattered remains. She was surprised to see that he did it all just to fondle her boobs. Then, something blasted off his arm. He turned to see another devil standing before them. This was the Leech Devil and she had plans with the Bat Devil, which could now not be completed.

Even the Leech Devil laughed at Denji’s dreams, but that just fired him up even more. However, he couldn’t use his chainsaw as he’d already lost a lot of blood and Power was unable to move. It looked like it was all over, but then the Fox Devil appeared from nowhere and bit the Leech Devil’s head clean off. Hayakawa had summoned it and then got his team to clean up.

After they’d reattached Denji’s arm, he woke in the hospital with Hayakawa sitting next to him. Denji defended Power and made out like she hadn’t betrayed him, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Hayakawa accepted his story and reported back to Makima. She also accepted it but was surprised to see Hayakawa being a little more flexible. Next thing Hayakawa knew, Power was moving in with him and Denji which caused all sorts of issues. However, it did give Power a chance to properly thank Denji for saving her and Meowy…

Chainsaw Man Epsiode 4 The Leech Denji about to eat Denji

What did you think?

This was very much an episode of two halves. The first half was full of action and gore. It was pretty exciting and even with Denji’s limitations in the fight, it was a lot of fun. I wonder if Power will end up being the answer to Denji’s loss of blood when he uses his chainsaw. As the Blood Devil, you’ve got to wonder if there isn’t something she can do. I loved the way the Fox Devil appeared as it was exactly like the manga.

The second half was focused on Power moving in with Hayakawa and Denji which was hilarious. She is insane and will no doubt drive them both crazy. But then, Denji is about to get three squeezes of her boobs so he’ll probably forgive her for anything she does. However, there was one moment that stood out and that was when Hayakawa reported to Makima (I still don’t trust her at all). He mentioned that neither of the devils killed had the flesh of the Gun Devil in them… That’s a nice way to lead into the next episode which is called “Gun Devil”. Things are about to take off.

Chainsaw Man Epsiode 4 Power commence your fondling

Episode Highlights

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