Chainsaw Man (Volume 11) – Go Get ’em, Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Volume 11 Cover

Denji’s strength weakens as the masses celebrate his triumphs. Without fear, a devil has no power. However, Pochita appeals to what’s left of Power to save Denji, but will it be enough? Makima isn’t going to give up!

Chainsaw Man (Volume 11) – Go Get ’em, Chainsaw Man

What happened?

Aware of Denji’s power fading and his need to protect others, Makima throws a spear at Kobeni and isn’t the least bit surprised when Denji steps in the way and takes it in the chest. It looks like Makima has won. However, Pochita has one last card to play. He contacts Power, at least the last fragments of her blood still in Denji’s body. Pochita offers her his power to save Denji from Makima. Power doesn’t even hesitate. She’ll do anything for her best friend.

Power surprises Makima and makes a run for it with Denji’s body. However, Makima refuses to let her go easily. Eventually, Power crawls into a dumpster with Denji and hides. While inside, she tells him that she doesn’t have long left. Sure, the Blood Devil will be reborn after returning to Hell, but she will not be the same person. Power offers him her strength as long as he promises to find the Blood Devil and befriend it. He accepts.

When Denji emerges from the dumpster, he finds Kishibe waiting for him. Satisfied that Denji is back in control, Kisihibe takes Denji and Kobeni to a safe place where they can eat and rest. They don’t have much time as Makima will track them down eventually. They need to come up with a plan to defeat her, but how do you defeat someone that is impervious to physical attacks? Denji comes up with a plan. It’s going to be hard. They will probably die, but it’s better than waiting for to find them!

Chainsaw Man Volume 11 Makima ready for a fight

What did you think?

Let me just get this out of the way first. I love this series and this was a great volume. It tied everything up and even gave us a glimpse of where Denji’s life is going in the next arc. I loved the way Power came back and then made him promise to find her even though she wouldn’t remember him. I thought Kobeni’s reflection was great and while it was surprising that she would be one of the few left standing at the end, it made a lot of sense.

So, talking about making sense… I have some issues with the way Denji defeated Makima. So, firstly, Denji made a copy of himself by tearing a piece of Pochita off his heart. Seemed like a bit of a leap, but all right, I’ll accept a random power-up. This is a shounen series after all. I’ll even kind of accept the chainsaw made from Power’s blood that was making it hard for Makima to heal… although that seems like a push since her contract was that whatever harm comes to her would be deflected onto the people of Japan.

I’m fairly happy to let that slide as they tried to explain it, but the part that I don’t get at all is the way Denji deceived Makima by claiming that Makima only perceives people by scent and doesn’t usually remember faces… There has been zero foreshadowing of this and to make things even worse, she would have smelt him coming since he is the thing she’s most interested in. It would have made more sense to have someone she doesn’t know do it and use Denji as a distraction. It’s still a great series, but this strange leap of logic is a little too much for me to ignore. It’s harder to swallow than a Makima meat bun!

Chainsaw Man Volume 11 Denji eats Makima

Volume highlights

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