Chainsaw Man (Volume 10) – A Dog’s Feelings

Chainsaw Man Volume 10 Cover

Denji is struggling with how his actions might have cost Aki his life. He wants to return to a more simple existence where he doesn’t have to think about anything but surviving. He would like to become Makima’s dog for real!

Chainsaw Man (Volume 10) – A Dog’s Feelings

What happened?

Aki left half his money to Denji which allowed him to rent an apartment and eat well. However, it all started to taste bad. He killed Aki when he became the Gun Fiend, but did he have to? That thought troubled him from morning to night. He hated feeling this way. Makima found him lying on a bench and was surprised by how cold he was. She took him back to her apartment and introduced him to her dogs. She gave him a desert and some warm tea. Finally, she asked him what he wanted as per their agreement if he defeated the Gun devil.

Denji considered it for a moment and then told her he wanted to be her dog. He didn’t want to make any more decisions. She could do it for him. Makima was delighted. Then, she revealed that the reason that Denji had Pochita as his heart was that he had made a contract. In order for her to get her hands on it, she needed to make a more powerful feeling. That was why she gave him a home and a surrogate family. She did it so that she could take it all away and leave him with nothing but despair. Then, she would get what she wanted.

The doorbell rang to Makima’s delight. She told Denji to open the door so that she could kill Power. He did and then stood there as Makima blew her apart with a finger gun. Makima showed Denji the remains of all the fiends that worshipped him and was about to revive them when her building exploded. Kishibe made his move. His squads charged in shooting Makima as another group summoned the Hell Devil to take Makima to Hell. It took Chainsaw Man, although he was now fully awakened and didn’t stay in Hell for long.

Chainsaw Man Volume 10 Chainsaw Man awakened

What did you think?

What the actual F@#k?! Alright, so I knew Makima was evil, but the lengths to which she went were insane. She built Denji up so that she could tear him down and make him submit to her. All so that she could get the Chainsaw Man and make it do her bidding. This is because anything that the Chainsaw Man consumes is erased from time. In this reality, nuclear weapons, Nazis, Aids, World War 2, and others have ceased to exist. Only Makima remembers them, but only just. With the Chainsaw Man, she can erase all the horrors of the world and achieve complete control.

It is a spectacularly diabolical plan. Of course, it sounds like she was fighting the Chainsaw Man before when it vanished. That was no doubt when Denji found Pochita with its injury. Of course, it was revealed that Denji killed his dad and it wasn’t suicide, although I’m not sure how that changes much. He did it in self-defence and his dad was a scumbag. This volume ended with Chainsaw Man fighting Makima and all of the fallen Devil Hunters that had become Makima’s toys. The next volume is going to be wild!

Of course, I can’t end this review without talking about Kobeni who is now working at a burger restaurant. It sounds like a terrible job, but it got even worse when Chainsaw Man came in a demanded a Vam Vaavaa. Surprisingly, Kobeni worked out what he meant and ordered him a burger. However, she tripped and dropped it on the floor twice, each time someone else in the restaurant lost their head. Once, he got his burger, he took Kobeni on a date which involved ice cream and taking her to a dance arcade machine. Completely bonkers!

Chainsaw Man Volume 10 Kobeni drops Chainsaw Mans burger

Volume highlights

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