Chainsaw Man (Episode 3) – Meowy’s Whereabouts

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Makima reprimanded Power for killing another agent’s target, although she hoped that Power and Denji could become a good partnership. That was when Power told Denji about Meowy and the Devil holding him hostage.

Chainsaw Man (Episode 3) – Meowy’s Whereabouts

What happened?

Denji and Power haven’t gotten off to the best start, especially now that Power tried to blame Denji for her attacking the Sea Cucumber Devil. He fights back, but Makima is not impressed with either of their attitudes. She gives Power a warning that seems to settle her down instantly. Then, she tells them that she wants them to work well together. Of course, Denji has just realised that Power has boobs… Maybe, they can work together after all.

Power tells Denji about her cat, Meowy who was taken by a Devil. She didn’t know if he was still alive, but she was determined to save him. However, a fiend can’t just wander around alone. Eventually, she agrees that he could touch her boobs if he helps her save Meowy. Well, that’s it. Denji is furious that a Devil would take her cat. There’s nothing in the world that’ll stop him from saving Meowy.

Denji signs Power out and takes her to find this Devil. However, he realises too late that it was a trap. Power dragged his body into the house and offered it to the Bat Devil in exchange for Meowy. The Bat Devil was hurt by a Devil Hunter and needed blood to heal. However, once healed, it eats Meowy and then Power. Of course, Denji can’t just lie there are watch his boobs run out of his life forever. He transforms and takes the fight to the Bat Devil.

Chainsaw Man Epsiode 3 Denji with chainsaws

What did you think?

I really enjoyed this one and was glad that it didn’t leave things on the same cliffhanger volume one of the manga did, which was after the Bat Devil ate Power. The fight was a lot of fun and it gave Denji the chance to learn a little more about this power and his resolve. I loved the two scenes where it showed Power absolutely dumbstruck by the Bat Devil. However, the flashback to Denji and Pochita from the time they lost each other was precious. Makes me sad that Denji had such a crappy childhood.

There were yet more hints as to Makima’s personality. The way Power reacted when Makima got a little annoyed was so telling. Denji hasn’t really seen her show much emotion and I feel like that’s going to be the key to her. Power is definitely scared of Makima and that says a lot. I did enjoy the way she explained why Denji is so interesting to Hayakawa. Honestly, I can’t wait to see if Makima is to be feared or if it’s all just a red herring. My gut tells me to fear her.

Chainsaw Man Epsiode 3 Power stunned

Episode Highlights

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