Chainsaw Man (Volume 4) – The Gun is Mightier

Chainsaw Man Volume 4 Cover

Almost everyone is down. Aki finds himself on his knees as their attackers close in on their target, Denji’s heart, however, he’s not out of the fight yet, and there may yet be another who will come to his aid!

Chainsaw Man (Volume 4) – The Gun is Mightier

What happened?

Sawatari called for backup to help Samurai Sword who was fighting Denji. However, when help did arrive in the form of two Yakuzas with guns, Denji quickly took one out and then held the other hostage in an attempt to stop Samurai Sword from attacking. Of course, he should have known better from the Yakuza. Samurai Sword attacked with an attack so fast that Denji didn’t even see him move. He sliced Denji and the hostage in two. Now, he just needed to get Denji to the Gun Devil.

Unfortunately for them, Makima survived the attack on the train and met with two Public Safety Agents from Kyoto. She told them to gather thirty criminals with life sentences and take them to the highest shrine in the area. One by one, she told the convict to say a name and then she wrung her hands together, squeezing the life out of the target. People were literally exploding into a pool of blood all the way in Tokyo.

Amazingly, Kobeni survived the attacks and then managed to save Denji in the confusion. Soon after, Makima returned to Tokyo and began preparing for a counter. All she needed was the names of everyone involved and for Denji and Power to get stronger. Luckily, she had the strongest devil hunter prepare them in a way only he knew how. Meanwhile, Aki came to terms with what had happened and made a new contract with the Future Devil. Now is the time to strike back.

Chainsaw Man Volume 4 Sawatari uses the Ghost Devil against Aki

What did you think?

So, this is the first volume where I saw the anime first and surprisingly, it was a pretty faithful adaptation. If anything, I think the anime probably made some of these scenes far more intense. Either way, it was a fantastic step forward. Of course, Makima wasn’t dead, although I’m still a little concerned that Himeno appears to be. Judging by how much of the anime was covered in this one book – episodes 9 to 11, the next volume should cover the final episode and more. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to move ahead with the story again.

I love the stuff where Denji looks at himself and wonders if he lost his actual heart when Pochita became his new heart. I wonder if it’s more that because of his childhood, he’s become hard and cold. There was no room for sentiment or emotion in his life. He had so little that his life is now fulfilled by having food, somewhere warm to sleep, and a nice bath. His simple approach to life probably shields him from the pain going on around him.

Makima showed a little more of her powers and they are terrifying. There was a hint at her having multiple contracts with multiple devils so who knows what she’s truly capable of. There were two mentions of her knowing about the incoming attack and allowing it to happen. She had to know and knew what the outcome would be. I see this as a way for her to gain more power as the four divisions are merged into the fourth which is already a bit of a project group. Makima is definitely up to something and I think Kishibe knows what.

Chainsaw Man Volume 4 Power and Denji get smarter

Volume highlights

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