The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter (Episode 10) – Let’s Go to the Hot Springs

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It’s almost time for the Hero Academy annual training camp, which means that this is the hot springs episode. That’s right! Grab a towel and hurry to the onsen. Things are about to get steamy!

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter (Episode 10) – Let’s Go to the Hot Springs

What happened?

But hang on! Before they can even think about going to the hot springs they need to meet the new transfer student. Any guesses who it might be? That’s right, it’s Leila Overlock – the adventurer that helped Noir capture Phantom Theif Phantom and since she knows Noir it’s only right that she gets to sit next to him.

Anyhow, it’s time for the annual training camp which is far away and will be dangerous to get to, but it’s at a hot spring so no price is too great to pay. Emma is super excited. She loves hot springs. In fact, all the girls are excited – it’s supposed to be amazing for your skin. However, there is an issue staring at them. That’s right. The boys. Will they be able to remain chivalrous or will the temptation be too much?

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 10 Elna introduces Leila Overlock

Regardless of whether they will or won’t the girls select Noir as their champion and entrust him to keep them safe from prying eyes. It would appear that like Noir is slipping into the friend zone, but surely that won’t be the case!

They had some trouble with a pixie on the way, but the real trials were just about to begin. Despite promising not to peep, the boys instantly set about with their plan to peep. They tried to get Noir to join them, but he refused. That, of course, painted him as a traitor. The boys chased after him, but he was unwittingly leading them to the hot springs just as the girls would be in there.

Elna stopped the group and was shocked to see Noir there. He told her he was trying to stop them. She said he would need to prove it with actions and not words. They quickly cut down all of the boys as they ran away, however, Hjorth, the leader was not going down easily. He had used all his money to boost his skills just so that he would be able to peep!

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 10 Hjorth and Noir fight

What did you think?

So, I’m a huge fan of the beach/hot springs episodes and knew that one would surely come with this series. I was not prepared for just how hilarious and ridiculous it would be. The fact that Hjorth basically jacked himself up just so that he could peep at his classmates in the hot springs was insane and also funny.

The best was yet to come, however. It appeared that Noir was being friend-zoned when in actual fact, he was being prepped for the ultimate hot springs reward. He saved the girls’ dignity by stopping the boys. It cost him almost all his LP, leaving him with barely enough to keep his head above water. So, he was rewarded by being allowed to come into the hot springs with the girls, blindfolded, of course.

With his LP low, Emma decided to help him recover by smashing her boobs into his face. Not to miss an opportunity, Elna joined in. The other girls could only watch on with a series of mixed feelings. Some were shocked, others aroused, and one was even kind of jealous. Noir, you lucky, lucky bugger! Great episode!

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 10 Maria Leila Emma Amane and Elna surround Noir

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