Dirty Pair (Episode 6) – Lots of Danger, Lots of Decoys

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The Lovely Angels are to take part in a mission to deliver a crystal to a science lab, however, space pirates are after the cargo, so there will be a lot of decoys and a bomb. Do they have the real cargo or a fake?

Dirty Pair (Episode 6) – Lots of Danger, Lots of Decoys

What happened?

Kei and Yuri set off on the Lovely Angel and soon get word that several other ships have been attacked by space pirates. It looks like they are attacking at random, but Kei isn’t convinced. Then, as they are trying to find a pattern, a ship contacts them and demands to know who they are. Kei puts them on mute and tells Yuri that they are space pirates and that she is going over there to cause some trouble. Yuri is fine with that.

Kei and Mughi storm the ship and quickly defeat all the pirates. They learn that the pirates had data on all the ships and believed that the real cargo was on a ship with “sun” in its name. Just as Kei is making her way back to the Lovely Angel, a giant ship appears covered in flashing lights. It’s the space pirate mothership and the captain just happens to be one of Kei’s childhood friends. All right, friend is stretching it. He demands to know their ship’s name. She tells him it’s called Lovely Angel of the Sun and takes off.

Kei figures if they are a decoy, they should be the best decoy ever. She even plans on giving the pirates the fake cargo along with a bomb. However, she soon discovers that they had the real cargo. That makes things trickier. Kei has to defuse the bomb protecting the cargo, remove the crystal, reactivate the bomb and send it to the pirates. Sounds easy!

Dirty Pair Episode 6 Kei attacks the space pirates

What did you think?

This was a great episode. I don’t know who would be crazy enough to give the Lovely Angels the real cargo, but it worked. Whatever you think about their methods, they get the job done. Even when they thought that they had the decoy cargo, Kei lied about the ship’s name to get them to go after them. That was an incredibly gutsy move, even more so than when she stormed a pirate ship with Mughi. Kei kicks ass and I love it.

Of course, Yuri is no slouch either. She did plenty of damage to the pirate ships while Kei was defusing the bomb. When I started watching anime back in the late eighties, there were a lot of science fiction-based shows and this series brings all those nostalgia-type feelings back, which is crazy as it’s the first time I’m watching it. I’m only six episodes in and I can already tell you that I love this series.

Dirty Pair Episode 6 Kei defusing a bomb

What have you learnt?

We got to see one of the pirates muttering about the Dirty Pair again and that was great. It continues to uphold the mythos around the Lovely Angels and gives us an idea of how dangerous they are. That’s one of the things I am loving about this series. We have Kei and Yuri, agents of the 3WA. They are girls, but they haven’t been reduced to being airheads or in need of being saved. They are not just competent, they are freaking amazing at what they do, both of them.

I also love that they’re not just ass-kicking female versions of men. They paint their nails, they go on dates, they worry about their figure after eating stacks of cakes, and more. This show lets them be everything and it’s a better show for it. I, for one, want more stories about girls being girls, kicking ass and taking danger head-on because that’s what they’re good at.

Dirty Pair Episode 6 The space pirate mothership intercepts the Lovely Angel

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