Dirty Pair (Episode 10) – What? We’re Heinous Kidnappers!

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When the king of Caspia dies, the Lovely Angels are hired to ensure the heir, Prince Heace makes it back home, however, the next in line to the throne is keen to remove the prince. Kei and Yuri’s bonus is in danger too!

Dirty Pair (Episode 10) – What? We’re Heinous Kidnappers!

What happened?

The King of Caspia suffered a heart attack while in a parade. The story the royal family has let out is that he’s doing well and will be back on his feet in no time. However, he died and now they need to ensure the safety of the heir, the king’s grandson who is studying on another planet. That’s where the Lovely Angels come in. They need to find Prince Heace and get him back safely. Of course, the next in line to the throne after Prince Heace is determined to take it for himself.

Kei and Yuri attempted to get to the prince’s room, but it exploded, throwing them from a tower block. Amazingly, they found the prince hiding in the bushes. He had been out partying with his friends, but he was expecting the Dirty Pair so goes with them freely. The evil Duke Ruber sent his men to take care of them. They escape but soon learn they’ve been framed as the prince’s kidnappers.

After wandering the desert for a while, they get picked up by a group of travellers who secretly intend to turn them over to the police for the bounty. A girl helps them escape, but they eventually get caught by the police who still believe that Kei and Yuri are fakes. They get locked up while the prince goes out with the girl before he heads home.

Dirty Pair Episode 10 Kei and Yuri called the Dirty Pair by Prince Heace

What did you think?

I definitely preferred this sort of outcome for the Lovely Angels rather than them accidentally destroying an entire planet and all its inhabitants. That said, who does that prince think he is telling Kei and Yuri to reconsider their careers? They saved him and that’s the thanks they get. Maybe, they should have blown up the planet?

Anyhow, it was a fun episode and I particularly enjoyed Kei and Yuri’s faces when the prince referred to them as the Dirty Pair. That joke never seems to get old. That said, I think I would like to see more of the science fiction elements of the show such as the space pirates or the waste disposal ship that wanted to kill them. There are lots of episodes left so I’m hopeful that I’ll see more like those.

Dirty Pair Episode 10 Kei pulls her gun

What have you learnt?

One thing that I’ve enjoyed with this show is how progressive Kei and Yuri are, especially for a show from the nineteen-eighties. So, I was a little surprised when the prince was incredibly old-fashioned, maybe even a little backward. But that’s the point. When creating a story, you need a variety of beliefs. It makes sense that the heir to a throne would be spoilt and out of touch with the times.

Remember, conflict can come from anywhere if you’re clever with your writing, and great writing tends to have conflict. The more chances you make for you to introduce it the better. It’s not always about fights and action either. Sometimes conflict can be simply that two people see things differently. They don’t even need to argue about it either. Just holding those views creates a situation where conflict can arise.

Dirty Pair Episode 10 Kei carried away in a sand slide

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    • They’re progresive for now. When this released they must have been like heavenly beings… lovely heavenly beings…

  1. Episode 10 is my least favorite episodes. The prince is a stupid little squid. I heard a small rumor years ago this might have been a 2 part episode, but didn’t have time, so they smashed everything they had together. It felt that way to me.

    • I feel like a lot of episodes would benefit from more time. And yes, that prince was a jerk.

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