Dirty Pair (Episode 2) – Do Lovely Angels Prefer Chest Hair?

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Kei and Yuri have been assigned their next mission and this time they will be working under someone. He better not have chest hair! Anyhow, they need to stop a new type of spaceship from being sabotaged and find the culprits.

Dirty Pair (Episode 2) – Do Lovely Angels Prefer Chest Hair?

What happened?

The Lovely Angels returned to the 3WA headquarters unaware that their boss had it in for them after the last mission. That will have to wait, however, as the computer has selected them for another job. A new type of spaceship is about to make its maiden voyage but two previous ships made by that company exploded. They believe it was sabotage, which is why they called in the 3WA. This time the Lovely Angels will be working under a specialist, Grave and he doesn’t seem to have a very high opinion of them.

They travel on the ship as passengers and it gives them a chance to look around. Soon, they discover that two passengers had been attacked at the spaceport and their things taken. Could the saboteurs already be on board? Kei thinks it seems too easy and conducts a sweep of the outside of the ship. Her hunch is proven correct when she finds three people attaching bombs to the outside. She fights them off, but one of the bombs explodes. Grave is injured in the attack so it’s down to Kei and Yuri to land the ship which is heading directly for a major city.

Dirty Pair Episode 2 Kei thinks he has chest hair

What did you think?

This is my first time watching this show, isn’t it? I swear I’ve never seen the anime before, but this feels so nostalgic and I’m loving it. Admittedly, I did watch everything I could in the eighties so there’s the familiarity there. It does remind me of Project A-ko which was famous for parodying just about everything. Still, it has the same feel and look. Plus all the music is done with a synthesizer which gives it that classic electro-pop sound.

As to the story, it was a lot of fun. I had to laugh when Kei and Yuri went into their bosses office and there are three guys there. Each of them is wearing a massive three-piece suit while they’re in their standard mini spacesuits. However, you’d be a fool to think that this show is treating the girls as meat. They prove once again that they are awesome. Grave can only watch as they go above and beyond, saving countless lives and forever changing his opinion of them. This is girl power from long before the Spice Girls came along.

Dirty Pair Episode 2 Kei sees some terrorists

What have you learnt?

One thing this series has done well is that in just two episodes, and arguably one, we have come to expect the Lovely Angels to take things too far. Admittedly, we only have the reputation that we’ve heard from the various people that refer to them as the Dirty Pair, but it’s believable, especially after they warped an old spaceship into the computer in the last episode. This is great because it makes the outcome of every episode unpredictable.

I don’t mean we’re expecting them to fail. More like we’re unsure as to how they will succeed and what will be considered collateral damage. We saw them take the top of a skyscraper off and smash through something that looked like the Seattle Space Needle, but amazingly, they managed to put the ship down away from danger. Honestly, it could have gone either way which will no doubt make each episode that much more enjoyable. An air of uncertainty can add a bit of tension.

Dirty Pair Episode 2 Kei and Yuri attempting to land the spaceship

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  1. Not great anime but fun anime!

    Back in the 70s and 80s it was okay for a guy to have chest hair and still be thought sexy. (Burt Reynolds and the Cosmo centerfold.) Since then, not so much. According to my wife, a lot of guys today try to look like very muscular 12-year-olds. Doesn’t turn her on.

    Manscaping has become popular – where you lose all the hair between your eyebrows and your toes. Used to be just women (Brazilian wax job) but now it is everyone. I was at a hair stylist when a ***teenage boy*** came in and wanted a total wax. The lady running the shop agreed to it but he had to wear a speedo or the equivalent and if he wanted a “Brazilian” he could buy some “product” and do it himself at home.

    And I know a lot of nudists are into the totally smooth look. So are many of the gay guys I know. It is very hot in the “spornosexual” crowd.

    Back then, “Do Lovely Angels Prefer Chest Hair?” might have been a question but today you wouldn’t even bother asking.

    • It is great fun, however, it would be so much better if there was something pulling you through the series. So far, my biggest criticism is that there’s nothing making me want to instantly jump into the next episode.

      And hang on! Are you saying Burt Reynolds is no longer sexy? What is the world coming to???

    • Burt would have to wax.

      D Pair is a slice of life. If you don’t enjoy the nutty interactions between the two, it would lose some interest. And there’s the giant cat and the robot who have as much character as anyone they meet.

    • As long as he can keep the stache!

      True, and I do love Kei and Yuri. I just wish there was a tiny thread that kept you wanting to know more.

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