Sakamoto Days (Volume 1) – The Legendary Hitman

Sakamoto Days Volume 1 Cover

Tarou Sakamoto was a legend in the assassin world. He was feared by everyone and admired by assassins. However, that all ended when he fell in love and walked away from the business for good. Now, he runs a convenience store…

Sakamoto Days (Volume 1) – The Legendary Hitman

What happened?

One day, a former partner comes to see him and tries to convince him to come back into the assassin game. Sakamoto refuses flat out, leaving Shin to run back to the boss and tell him the bad news. Now, he’s been told to kill Sakamoto for walking away. Shin doesn’t want to, but it’s him or Sakamoto so he chooses Sakamoto. After a failed assassination attempt, Shin wakes up to find he’s been treated like a guest and offered some dinner. He’s starting to see the appeal.

Shin goes back to the boss again and begs him to spare Sakamoto. He’s even prepared to kill himself in his place. The boss agrees but has no intention of keeping the promise. Shin, a clairvoyant, hears his thoughts and fights back. Of course, Sakamoto was listening in the entire time and comes to Shin’s rescue. Once the dust has settled, he offers Shin a job at his convenience store.

Sakamoto gave up the assassin lifestyle so that he could be with his wife and protect his family. He spends his days keeping the neighbourhood safe and making amends for everything bad he’s ever done. And now he has Shin to help him too. It’s got to be the safest convenience store in the country!

Sakamoto Days Volume 1 Sakamoto threatens assassins

What did you think?

All right. This was amazing. I’ve heard rumours of an anime adaptation and that would be incredible. I already hear everything Shin says in Eric Vale’s voice so if that casting decision isn’t made, it’s going to feel decidedly weird. Anyhow, that aside, this was a riot. I loved the world-class assassin turned convenience store manager and having Shin as a clairvoyant makes it work so well, especially when Sakamoto imagines killing Shin. Their conversations are amazing too, with half of what Sakamoto says being in his head.

It was hilarious from start to finish. I loved the way they get involved in everything shady and turn things in their favour, such as the time they rescued a former triad heiress from two assassins and offered her a job in the store as she can make pork buns. It’s a wonderfully dysfunctional family and I love it.

Of course, things take a turn towards the end when a billion Yen contract is put out on Sakamoto. That’s going to have assassins coming at him from every angle. I can’t wait to see him destroy everything in his path and then find some way to turn it into a win for the store. I don’t know if you can tell, but I absolutely loved this book and will be there for any anime adaptations and every manga volume hereafter.

Sakamoto Days Volume 1 Sakamoto rescues Shin

Volume highlights

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