Dirty Pair (Episode 7) – Love is Everything. Risk Your Life to Elope!!

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When the son of a wealthy businessman is kidnapped at his wedding, he calls in the Lovely Angels to get him back. Can Kei and Yuri recover the boy or will they come back empty-handed?

Dirty Pair (Episode 7) – Love is Everything. Risk Your Life to Elope!!

What happened?

Clicky was ready to marry the seven women of his dreams when the wedding was crashed by another woman who stole him away. The 3WA were contacted to facilitate the paying of the two million credit ransom to get Clicky back. It’s put to Kei and Yuri to complete the mission, although something doesn’t quite feel right.

After meeting them at the agreed venue, Kei tosses Joanca the money. Originally, she claimed to love Clicky and wanted nothing more than to run away with him, but now her tune has changed. However, Kei suspects something and she’s right. Clicky’s father has orchestrated the whole thing to make Joanca look bad because he can’t accept his son marrying someone that used to be a man!

He manages to capture Joanca and Clicky. Then, he sends Joanca on a fifty-year space trip. When she returns, she won’t have aged a day. Kei and Yuri try to stop it, but the rocket takes off before they can. Clicky decides he’s going to follow Joanca. They will meet up in fifty years and continue their relationship. No sooner has he gone, but Clicky’s father decides to follow them both. He can’t be without his son!

Dirty Pair Episode 7 Joanca

What did you think?

There is a lot to unpack with this episode and it’s all good. Well, other than Clicky’s father who seems to have some issues he needs to deal with. He arranged for his son to marry seven women and was walking them down the aisle in chains when Joanca freed him and they ran away together. Then, he tried to frame Joanca. Finally, he fired her into space so that Clicky could only see her again in fifty years. All of this is because Joanca used to be a man.

It was surprising to see such a positive representation of transgenderism in an anime from the 1980s. Kei’s attitude toward everything was great. I loved that she supported Clicky on his mission to follow Joanca. I was surprised that it wasn’t Yuri because that seemed more in line with her attempts to find love. Maybe, Yuri isn’t actually looking for love? Anyhow, it was a fascinating episode with some awesome science fiction technology.

Dirty Pair Episode 7 Kei impressed

What have you learnt?

Why ride flying bikes into battle when you can ride on the back of a giant space cat? Kei has the right idea. Anyhow, there were some cool things in this episode that caught my eye because they may not be as futuristic anymore. Manipulating a photo to make it talk may seem crazy, but is it really that far from what VTubers are doing? It does make you wonder how much we see on the TV/Internet is actually true! It reminded me of the things that happened in The Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger which came out in the late 1980s.

The idea that someone could take over another person’s body and work it like a puppet is terrifying. That’s next-level intrusion and if that ever became a reality, we would all be in so much trouble. Then, the final thing was the space tours with time dilation. This is exciting stuff and if you’ve seen the movie Interstellar you might be more familiar with this concept. Time is relative, that’s been proven. This takes that concept that was dealing with fractions of seconds and blows it up. I like that we’re seeing fairly realistic ideas, but not going into too much detail. Hard science fiction would just bog down the Lovely Angels.

Dirty Pair Episode 7 Kei and Yuri riding Mughi into battle

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