Dirty Pair (Episode 19) – An Unjustified Lover’s Grudge. Let Me Love You Without Revenge

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Kei and Yuri destroy an evil warlord’s base, but in the daring escape crash their pod into a house. Now, the owner of the house has hired them to find out who killed his beloved Meshuzura. This is going to be tricky!

Dirty Pair (Episode 19) – An Unjustified Lover’s Grudge. Let Me Love You Without Revenge

What happened?

It was a daring attack timed to the second where Kei and Yuri destroyed all of the warlord’s plans in one swift move. He wasn’t about to let them get away though and pursued them through the skies. Kei pulled some flash moves with her pod and shot down the warlord. However, they soon ran out of fuel and had to abandon the pod. Still, the job was done so it was all good.

Back at the 3WA, Kei and Yuri were given their next mission. They were to find out who killed Reamonn’s one true love. Apparently, a pod crashed into his house killing her. He wanted them to find out who did it so that he could kill those responsible himself. Of course, that was Kei and Yuri… However, the big twist was that Reamonn’s love, Meshuzura was a doll. He is severely allergic to women and had settled on a doll he made himself.

Rather than tell Reamonn that it was their fault, they decided to show him what it meant to love a true woman in the hopes that he would call off the job. However, the warlord wasn’t dead and had tracked them to the house where he attacked. How would Kei and Yuri get out of this one and what’s the dead with Reamonn’s allergy?

Dirty Pair Episode 19 Kei and Yuri explosive

What did you think?

I feel like every anime made around this time that was set in space used the same music. I’ve definitely heard it before. Anyhow, this episode started out really well with Kei and Yuri destroying the warlord’s base and then shooting him down before escaping using their jetpacks. The ship crashing into Reamonn’s house and crushing his doll was pretty funny, but things were about to get a whole lot weirder…

This episode started fairly seriously and then quickly pulled a one-eighty when we discovered that Reamonn was reading to his doll and offering her compliments. From then on, it just got stranger and stranger. His sneezing fits whenever a woman got close to him were bizarre, but when someone touched him he transformed into some sort of wild ape-man who was smashing and throwing things. The maid claimed his body converted all the stored sugar into alcohol. It was funny, but maybe a little too ridiculous for me.

Dirty Pair Episode 19 Kei and Yuri relieved to get away with it

What have you learnt?

This is the nineteenth episode and it’s starting to feel like it’s not really going anywhere. Sure, we get to spend lots of time with Kei and Yuri and it can be a lot of fun. Sometimes, it’s not so great. This was one of those episodes, unfortunately, although Yuri and Kei did have some nice moments between them. I can’t help but feel that the lack of a thread pulling all these episodes together is harming my enjoyment of the series. There’s nothing that makes me want to instantly dive into the next episode.

I think this might be because the anime industry was going through a bit of a transition around this time. Previously, lots of shows were a series of OVAs that ranged from thirty minutes to an hour in length. There usually weren’t that many of them and they tended to work as mini-movies. I feel like this series would have been better if it had taken the stronger episodes and given them forty-five minutes to really get to the meat of the story. Trying to wrap up everything in twenty-four minutes often leaves the story a little underdeveloped.

Dirty Pair Episode 19 Kei and Yuri cook off

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