Dirty Pair (Episode 24) – Are You Serious?! A Condo is a Dangerous Place to Live

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Kei and Yuri have moved into a condo to catch a serial killer. Apparently, he targets beautiful women and carves a letter into their foreheads. The only clue was the word salesman written in blood by one of the victims!

Dirty Pair (Episode 24) – Are You Serious?! A Condo is a Dangerous Place to Live

What happened?

So, all Kei and Yuri have to do is hang out in the condo in their underwear and wait for the serial killer to attack. Seems like the chances of that happening are remarkably slim, but Gooley is confident that they are in the right place. At least they have the file to go over, not that it tells them anything that they didn’t see on the news. Could it be a salesman? Only time will tell…

Luckily, they don’t have to wait long before a salesman rings their doorbell. He’s selling laser knives too so he already has the equipment to commit the crime, but is he the one they’re looking for? After a quick demonstration which involved cutting off his artificial finger which then bowed to them while begging them to buy a knife, the doorbell rang again. Another salesman?

This salesman was like a manga hunk and was selling fancy bras. He had ones that lifted and separated and all of them came with an anti-grab feature. That came in handy soon after when Kei found him searching their jewellery box. He might be a thief, but is he the murderer? Then, the doorbell goes again. It’s yet another salesman… well, salesboy and he’s not too good at it either. Finally, the doorbell rings again, but this time it’s a police detective. Surely, they’ll be safe now!

Dirty Pair Episode 24 Kei fighting the serial killer

What did you think?

This series is going to finish on a high if things keep going like this. It was another great episode which definitely had a few nods to classic horror movies. That said, I couldn’t help but laugh at all the salesmen sitting around in their apartment with Kei and Yuri in their underwear. Laser knives, shocking bras, and acupuncture. You can get it all from the safety of your own home. Well, relative safety. It depends if you’re the next move in an elaborate game of chess!

Anyhow, I need to talk about the first salesman’s finger because, well, just look at the next image and then come back. Seriously, that is a severed finger bowing to Kei and Yuri as it begs them to buy a laser knife. The very same laser knife that just sliced it off the salesman’s hand. Now, try to tell me that it doesn’t look like something else. I’m just glad I wasn’t drinking tea at the time because it would have been all over my laptop. Too funny!

Dirty Pair Episode 24 Kei and Yuri looking at a severed finger

What have you learnt?

So, there were a number of movie references in this episode and they did a great job of building the atmosphere. The most obvious was the Pyscho reference with Yuri in the shower and then a silhouette of Kei appeared behind her before yanking open the shower curtain. The serial killer had a Freddy Kruger-like glove with blades on the ends of the fingers.

I love it when a show or movie adds a moment that could be considered a homage to another piece of media. It’s a great way to show the audience that you understand the genre and respect the classics. If you go too far it can become a bit of a parody so I would advise that you just sprinkle in a few. It can’t make up for the lack of story, but thankfully that wasn’t an issue here. Everything about this one worked wonderfully.

Dirty Pair Episode 24 Kei interrupts Yuri in the shower

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