Dirty Pair (Episode 25) – Eek! The Boy in the Manor is a Terminator

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Yuri is on a date so Kei takes a mission without her. She’s partnered up with Calico who has zero field experience, but they’re just going to arrest an elderly couple wanted for making counterfeit money. Should be easy, right?

Dirty Pair (Episode 25) – Eek! The Boy in the Manor is a Terminator

What happened?

Counterfeit money has flooded the economy and already brought down one bank. The 3WA has assigned the Lovely Angels to arrest the man responsible. He’s a retired engineer who lives on a remote island. However, Yuri is on a date so Kei decides to go alone. Gooley isn’t going to let her do that so he sends Calico to assist. He got good grades out of training school but has been confined to an office job since then.

They arrive on the island and announce their intentions once they were greeted by a mechanical dragon that told them to go away. Calico blew it up with a bazooka! After a bit of fighting with the various mecha that had been deployed to keep people away, they were both knocked out by a small mecha that delivered a powerful stun. Kei woke up strapped to a table and was told by the couple what had happened. If they had just gone it would have all been over and they could have disappeared into the night. After all, they were only trying to get the bank back that was responsible for their son’s death.

Luckily, Yuri finished her date and came to assist. She entered the house and was startled by a person that looked like their deceased son. She accidentally shot him, but he didn’t go down. He kept moving toward her no matter how many times she shot at him. He was a machine built to look like their son and his programming had gone berserk. The noise set off the laser aimed at the table Kei was strapped to. Yuri made it there just in time to stop it from cutting Kei in two. They defeated the mecha and then allowed the old couple to remain free, much to Calico’s annoyance.

Dirty Pair Episode 25 Kei strapped to a table

What did you think?

So this episode never aired as the series was cancelled with two episodes to go. Seems like an odd decision, but they then released the two extra episodes along with the DVD… or was it VHS? Who knows, it was a while back. Anyhow, that was a crime because this episode was actually really good. It was fun to see Kei partner with someone else, especially as it showed how perfect Kei and Yuri are together. I must admit the tension peaked when Kei was strapped to the table and the laser was getting rather close to her short shorts.

I had to laugh when Yuri pointed out that she would have been dead had she been a man. I laughed and then a shiver ran down my spine just thinking about it. Two dick jokes in two episodes… Are we sure that’s not why it got cancelled? I feel like this one would have got some attention for the Terminator-like mecha that attacked them.

Dirty Pair Episode 25 Laser coming for Kei

What have you learnt?

While this was a good episode, I actually think the previous one was a good one to end the season. Of course, there’s one more so that could be even better. I guess that’s the nature of a show like this. Very few episodes would have suffered had they been aired in a different order. I think other than the first episode being first and the two-parter needing to follow each other it really wouldn’t have mattered.

On one hand, that feels like a problem as it meant that there isn’t a thread that pulls you through the episodes. On the other hand, it means that you could watch an episode all on its own and not feel like you are missing something bigger. With a book series, this is a very appealing prospect. If you need to read book one and then work through it in order, it can put people off, especially if it’s a long series. However, if you could pick up any book in the series then that gives you the opportunity to advertise all of them. Otherwise, it’s all about book one and then you’re reliant on the reader moving on to the next book.

Dirty Pair Episode 25 Yuri shooting

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