Dirty Pair (Episode 12) – The Little Dictator! Let Sleeping Top Secrets Lie

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There’s been a breach in security at 3WA headquarters. Kei and Yuri have been specifically requested to complete this mission, although they will be reporting to the head of research and development. Where did all these mice come from?

Dirty Pair (Episode 12) – The Little Dictator! Let Sleeping Top Secrets Lie

What happened?

For some reason, the security system won’t let Kei and Yuri in through the normal gate. Kei is not having it and tries to pick a fight with the security system before Yuri convinces her otherwise. It turns out the entire building has been locked down as there has been a security breach but they found out before anything was taken out of the building. The head of research and development, Fangoria has requested their assistance and is prepared to shoulder the blame for anything that happens to the building.

Fangoria tells Kei and Yuri to locate Algernon although she can’t tell them what it is. They are given a tracking device and told to get to it. However, the building is soon overrun with mice. They are everywhere and they are attacking the people. The mice run off with their weapons and even capture Mughi and Nanmo. It turns out that Algernon is a mouse with an IQ of 153. It has the ability to speak and control other mice.

Algernon has taken over the building and is telling all humans to leave. Kei and Yuri are given special clearance to take care of them by any means necessary. Luckily, they have another top-secret development that might just do the trick, if they can get to Algernon. The mouse army blocking their path is quite formidable.

Dirty Pair Episode 12 Kei and Yuri encounter mice

What did you think?

This was utterly ridiculous and I loved it. The fact that these researchers tried to create a mouse that they could use as a security system and even for spying and espionage was hilarious. Even more so, because they ended up creating a monster that even used a swastika as its logo! There were mice with guns and hammers and all sorts of other weapons. This episode shouldn’t have worked but it did and I don’t know how.

However, the best was yet to come. Kei and Yuri used a flea that had the ability to wipe away anyone’s IQ, leaving them dumber than a bag of rocks. They planned on putting it on Algernon and turning him back into a normal mouse. There was a bit of trickery where they pretended that they put it on themselves. Then, Nanmo attacked, saving Mughi and giving the girls the opening to get to Algernon. However, the flea landed on Chichi, Algernon’s intelligent mouse partner. When Algernon realised Chichi had been returned to a mouse, he threw himself out the window and plummeted to his demise… Seriously! How did this episode work?

Dirty Pair Episode 12 Algernon commits suicide

What have you learnt?

One of the reasons I fell in love with anime was that it didn’t seem to be afraid of anything. There was no subject that was off-limits and no idea too crazy. I think a lot of media nowadays tries to play it safe. It sticks to the formula and just goes through the motions. What makes the best shows really stand out from the pack is that they do something a little different and sometimes a lot.

Dirty Pair does that over and over again. Almost every episode so far has included something that could be considered a bit out there. It’s at the point where we now expect it. Of course, that doesn’t actually prepare us for it whether it’s attacking an army of mice with a truck full of cats or Kei and Yuri actually destroying an entire planet. Nothing is off-limits. Everything and everyone is in danger!

Dirty Pair Episode 12 Kei and Yuri attacked by mice

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