Dirty Pair (Episode 22) – We Did It! 463 People Found!

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So Flight 807 was empty the entire time since Arthur switched all the details by hacking the spaceport’s computers. They were on Flight 808 which was now missing. Someone was taking advantage of Arthur’s plan!

Dirty Pair (Episode 22) – We Did It! 463 People Found!

What happened?

When the new ransom demands came in, Arthur was furious. He told Kei and Yuri that it was a lie and that they weren’t the real kidnappers. He knew that because he had planned the entire thing. He booked up Flight 808 with fake passengers and then cancelled them all. Then, he switched the passenger details meaning that everyone was on Flight 808. That’s great. Well, it was until Flight 808 went missing.

It turned out the pilot and co-pilot were in on Arthur’s scheme and have taken advantage of it to further their own plans. Yuri and Arthur attempted to hack the computer of Flight 808 so they could track it down. Meanwhile, Kei and Shannon (Arthur’s mother) attempted to find the ship the old-fashioned way. However, they came back to discover that Eddie (Arthur’s father) had gone to deliver the money and the file that identified all of the known drug smugglers.

Arthur found the ship and gave Kei and Shannon the details. They all raced to the scrap yard where Kei and Shannon found Eddie. However, they were all taken prisoner and were facing execution. Kei managed to buy some time by asking to do her makeup before they killed them. She really went to town! That gave Yuri the time to find Flight 808 and deactivate the bomb. They subdued the pilot and co-pilot and submitted their report, leaving out all the details about Arthur’s involvement. Vacation time!

Dirty Pair Episode 22 Kei and Yuri going on vacation

What did you think?

So Arthur was involved but it was a hacking job and not a remote control job. That probably made more sense, although they went out of their way to show his using his remote control ships to play with Mughi in the last episode. It was a nice conclusion to the two-part episode however, I can’t help but think they never addressed one thing. How did Wendy’s doll end up on Flight 807? I can only assume the pilots put it there before going to the other plane, but it was never mentioned which was odd as they tied off everything else.

They also didn’t explain how the scrapyard sensors didn’t find the passengers since they were using infrared to look for heat signatures. Oh well, it was a good episode nonetheless and for a change we got to see Kei and Yuri working with different partners for large parts of it. Still, it was nice to see them back together as they headed on their well-deserved vacation.

Dirty Pair Episode 22 Kei Yuri and Arthur and his mother

What have you learnt?

The two-parter definitely gave us more of a reason to jump straight into the next one which pretty much proves what I’ve been saying. Had there been something that made you have to see the next episode it would have been a stronger series. It could have been anything too from a case, to something from their pasts, or even a romance. Something that made you want to find out what happens next.

Of course, everyone won’t look at this series the same way as me and will be quite happy to just bumble along with Kei and Yuri and there’s nothing wrong with that. They are fun characters to be around. That said, I can’t imagine those same people would have been too upset at a consistent thread weaving through the episodes either. Basically, I want more people to get to experience Kei and Yuri and I think that’s what it needed to really step up to the next level. Maybe, if it ever gets a reboot we’ll see something like that.

Dirty Pair Episode 22 Kei running from a bulldozer

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