Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (Episode 10) – My Moon My Man

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David takes the fight to Arasaka in the hopes of rescuing Lucy, but Arasaka has one last play hidden up its sleeve. It’s time to wake up Adam Smasher! There are no happy endings in Night City…

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (Episode 10) – My Moon My Man

What happened?

Falco and Rebecca struggled to hold off Militech as they raced towards Arasaka Tower. David had expended far too much energy in the last fight and needed to rest for a moment. He saw his life flashing before his eyes as they raced through his old neighbourhood. It brought back a lot of memories, but sadly there was no time to reminisce. David woke up and wiped out the remaining Militech soldiers. Then, they spotted Faraday’s transport and were able to launch the car at it. Faraday continued unfazed, although David had managed to stow away on top of the transport.

When Faraday got to Arasaka Tower he was told to take his money and leave. He had failed them as a fixer even though he brought them Lucy and had convinced David to use the cyber-skeleton. That was when David emerged and snapped Lucy out of her malaise. He killed the Arasaka soldiers, injured Faraday, and then met Adam Smasher. They fought their way down the tower and met up with Rebecca and Falco at the bottom.

Lucy and Rebecca had a brief moment before being interrupted by Adam Smasher who squashed Rebecca like a bug as he smashed through the floor. David had instructed Falco to take Lucy and split their money. He would stay behind and stop Adam… or at least delay him. Adam stood over David’s broken body and admitted he had surprised him. Maybe, he could join Adam as another noganic? David was not interested and faced his fate with a smile on his face, knowing he had saved Lucy.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners Episode 10 Adam Smasher standing over David

What did you think?

Obviously, this was the ending that the series had been building towards. It’s almost easy to forget that David had fallen in with a gang. A criminal gang. He murdered, stole, and who knows what else, so his redemption was always going to cost him his life. It was done very well and certainly left me feeling sorry for him, although Lucy gets a lot of my sympathy too. Seeing her finally making it to the moon, but being unable to appreciate it with David as she had hoped was bitter-sweet.

It made sense that Falco and Lucy were the only ones to survive as Falco was a driver and Lucy a hacker. Sure, Lucy went on a killing spree to protect David, but she was also very much a product of Arasaka. Her childhood alone was enough to justify her attempting to take them out and stop David from befalling the same fate.

I just wish she could have gotten through to him sooner. Maybe she could have stopped him from adding so many implants. They could have gone to the moon. Surely, they had enough money and neither of them had anything tying them to Night City. It was the tragic ending that the series demanded, although the way they got there was a little too reliant on the plot making decisions for the characters.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners Episode 10 David dreaming

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