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In their attempts to get to Tanaka, they learn that he has some particular fetishes that would require him to be there in person for the edits. There’s only one person that does edits like that and David is a big fan!

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (Episode 5) – All Eyez On Me

What happened?

Maine seems to think there’s something different about David… did he become a man? Anyhow, Kiwi has been doing some research on Tanaka and discovered that David used to go to school with his son. He was also a straight-A student before dropping out. Fun facts, but they don’t get them any closer to Tanaka. The lead comes when they discover that he’s into some weird fetishes. Ones that would require him to be there for the edits to ensure everything is correct. That’s their chance to grab him.

David leads them to Jimmy Kurosaki a famous BD editor that runs all the BDs within twenty-four hours of the death. That’s the guy that will get them close to Tanaka. So, they track him down and wait to grab him. David plays the starstruck fan a little too well as Maine tries to sneak up behind him. However, Kurosaki is ready for him and hits them with some sort of EMP. Then, he runs off with David.

Lucy and Dorio follow David’s tracker. Meanwhile, David finds himself on the run from the cops, mistaken for a cyber-psychosis case. He’s surrounded by the special team who destroy him. He wakes up to discover that Kurosaki made an edit for him so he could experience his own death. A couple more runs of that and he’ll truly experience cyber-psychosis. Luckily, Lucy and Dorio burst in and capture Kurosaki. However, they need to deactivate his armed drones before they can do anything else. With that all taken care of, they arrange for Tanaka to come to Kurosaki’s place and capture him.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners Episode 5 David meets Kurosaki

What did you think?

Well, it was yet another amazing episode, but this one did something that has put me on edge. Even more so that all the red flags in the previous episode. We got to see David in a BD of himself and then wake to find his friends there rescuing him. They managed to defeat the drones and convince Kurosaki to help them. Tanaka showed up and was knocked out by Maine thanks to David’s help. However, Kurosaki was killed in the crossfire. The problem was before he died, he looked at David and laughed.

Sure, he could just be crazy, but what if this is all a BD? Does the question then become at what point was this real? Was any of it real? We are now in a situation where it’s impossible to believe anything on the screen. It reminded me of Ghost in the Shell 2 where there was a loop with ever such minuscule variations. I can’t help but think Kurosaki isn’t dead and David is not actually experiencing any of this. Could this be his cyber-psychosis stemming from when he had the implant put in?

I love it when a series makes you think and consider the options, although sometimes that can go a little too far. When you start to question what is real as a part of a fictional story you may have to dial it back a little. There needs to be something that grounds the series. If the end is it was all a dream/simulation, I will be really annoyed. That is literally my least favourite ending to anything ever! Please don’t do that!

Cyberpunk Edgerunners Episode 5 David comes out of BD

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