Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku (Volume 2) – Don’t Think. Just Kill!

Hells Paradise Jigokuraku Volume 2 Cover

Gabimaru and Sagiri find themselves facing a strange being that somewhat resembles a god. Before they can work out if it is a friend or a foe, it attacks and then more arrive. Is this really paradise?

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku (Volume 2) – Don’t Think. Just Kill!

What happened?

The strange fish monster attacks, forcing Gabimaru to reassess everything. His code tells him to run as he doesn’t have enough information about his opponent. That sounds like a good idea, but they are soon surrounded by more and more of them, each one smiling as they approach. Gabimaru is forced to use a ninja technique that ignites the oil in his sweat. He attacks relentlessly defeating one after another. Then, he saves Sagiri and is caught by one of their tails. Luckily, another prisoner arrives and saves him.

Yuzuriha, a Kunoichi from a rival ninja clan. Gabimaru is surprised that she helped and asks her what she’s after. She reveals that she just simply wants to survive and thinks that teaming up will give her the best chance of that. She also has a lot of information which she gathered by using one of the other prisoners to test certain things out. That is why she has two Asaemon bodyguards. Meanwhile, Choubei Aza and his brother Yamada Asaemon Toma have fought their way deep into the island. Back at the coast, Yamada Asaemon Tenza tries to take Nurugai back to the ship, but their way is blocked.

Having agreed on a truce Gabimaru and Yuzuriha continue their exploration of the island. However, something found them first. Another prisoner, Rokurota the giant of Bizen attacks, killing Asaemon Genji. Gabimaru and Sagiri are locked in a mortal struggle with Rokurota, who seems to have few weaknesses that they can exploit. After an exhausting battle, they manage to remove his head and are able to continue. Soon, they come across a village, which worries Asaemon Senta.

Hells Paradise Jigokuraku Volume 2 Gabimaru and Sagiri fighting monsters

What did you think?

This is the second volume and there have been absolutely no signs of things slowing down. The chaos is captivating and brutal. I like that we’re seeing a little more of the prisoners as they butt heads with one another and the monsters that inhabit the island. The best thing is that the monsters we’ve seen so far are weird and dangerous, but they are also most likely the small fry. If anything, the prisoners seem to be more of a threat to one another. No doubt, that means that the deeper they go into the island the crazier things are going to get.

I can’t wait to see where this story goes. There were hints about more people coming to the island too, so there’s going to be no let-up from any angle. I’m loving the Gabimaru and Sagiri side of the story most and can’t help but wonder if they won’t end up together. My gut tells me something will happen to either Sagiri or Gabimaru’s wife.

And finally, we saw the hermits of the village who appear to be shape-shifting beings that view the monsters as beneath them, which is higher than they view humans. There’s so much more to come in this story that I’m excited just thinking about the possibilities. This is a fantastic series so far.

Hells Paradise Jigokuraku Volume 2 Sagiri protecting Gabimaru from Rokurota

Volume highlights

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