Dirty Pair (Episode 26) – R-Really?! For Beautiful Women, “Cannon” is the Keyword to Escape

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Chief Gooley has been captured by the 3WA security team who have demanded one billion credits or they will destroy Eleanor City. The 3WA has refused their requests, leaving the Lovely Angels only twelve hours to save him.

Dirty Pair (Episode 26) – R-Really?! For Beautiful Women, “Cannon” is the Keyword to Escape

What happened?

The 3WA security team has taken control of the weapons research department built inside a dormant volcano. They have Chief Gooley and are demanding one billion credits or they will use the God Cannon to destroy Eleanor City. Kei and Yuri rushed into the office as soon as they heard and began to strategize. However, Calico reveals that the 3WA will not pay the ransom and that they will not attempt a rescue when there is less than a one percent chance of success.

The Lovely Angels have been forbidden from attempting to save him and even have their weapons taken away from them. That’s not going to stop them though. They battle their way inside the secret base, taking out guards in any way imaginable. Kei even uses her boobs at one point. It’s surprisingly effective. Against all odds, they make it to Chief Gooley and the man in charge of the Security Team, Marcus. They manage to defeat him, but he locks them in the base.

Kei and Yuri stuff Gooley into an escape pod that was developed to hold all the secret research data. However, when they get in, it’s too heavy. Both get out, expecting to let the other escape and the pod goes without either of them. It looks like they are trapped. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Kei jumps into the God Cannon and aims it at the top of the mountain. It might blow them up, but if it doesn’t the volcano will. They fire, blowing the top off the volcano. Amazingly, they both escaped unharmed, but that’s to be expected with the Lovely Angels.

Dirty Pair Episode 26 Kei and Yuri

What did you think?

All right, this was most definitely the episode to end the season with. It had it all. Turncoat villains, a hostage situation, a giant weapon of mass destruction, Kei flashing her boobs, Yuri and Kei arguing, and massive destruction. This was a great episode and completely encapsulated their relationship. They get along but they bicker. It’s a believable relationship and quite frankly, that’s been the highlight of the entire series.

As soon as they showed us the God Cannon, I knew that Kei and Yuri would at some point use that to cause all sorts of damage. Admittedly, I was expecting Yuri to shoot Marcus with it when he brought the cannon up to the observation deck, although her hiding in the cannon to shoot him was just as good. This has been a fun series and while I still wish it had more of an ongoing story, it was well worth watching. Guess, I’ll have to jump into the OVAs and the movie now. Maybe, I’ll even rewatch Dirty Pair Flash. This series deserves a massive reboot.

Dirty Pair Episode 26 Kei flashes the guards

What have you learnt?

So the God Cannon was basically Chekhov’s Gun bit on a ridiculous scale so it was obviously going to be used by Kei and Yuri. Also given what we know about them and their reputation it would have been a massive letdown had they not used it. It’s nice when all things come together in a harmonious fashion. After so many episodes, it would be strange if they didn’t do what you were expecting, especially as they haven’t changed one bit since the first episode.

Oftentimes, in stories, we’re looking for the characters to grow and develop as the story progresses. Of course, there are exceptions to this and they tend to follow a much more episodic format. Think about detective stories. Usually, the detective arrives fully formed. They don’t tend to change from episode to episode. If anything, they are usually stubbornly defiant in their approach to things, but that’s what makes them fun. You start to understand the character and start to spot the clues that they would spot. That helps the reader to bond with the character and I think that’s one of the reasons Kei and Yuri are so loved. You know exactly what you’re going to get.

Dirty Pair Episode 26 Kei and Yuri use the god cannon to escape the volcano

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