Dirty Pair (Episode 9) – Hire Us! Beautiful Bodyguards are a Better Deal

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A dispute between two rival gangs has halted the supply of Newstone, a volatile and valuable fuel source. Kei and Yuri have been sent in to restore the peace and get the shipments going again!

Dirty Pair (Episode 9) – Hire Us! Beautiful Bodyguards are a Better Deal

What happened?

Their mission required them to go in undercover, so they ensured that they would be spotted by one of the gangs and shot out of the sky as they approached. Of course, it was all a ruse, but no one told Mughi. He panicked and cause the Lovely Angel to actually crash. Kei and Yuri left Mughi and Nanmo to fix it while they got to work.

First, they infiltrated the two gangs by staging a fight between them. Amazingly, it worked and they both got hired as bodyguards by the gangs. The reason behind the broken peace was that one gang had brought in dangerous weapons that would cause the Newstone to react if they were hit. It would be catastrophic! Kei’s first job was to steal it. She got half of the weapon which would be enough to broker peace.

However, someone tipped off the gangs about their real identities so they orchestrated a one-on-one fight between them. No one expected them to fight, but they did. Finally, Nanmo and Mughi arrived along with the beam cannon on the Lovely Angel. Kei and Yuri escaped, but they also accidentally fired the cannon, destroying the planet!

Dirty Pair Episode 9 Kei Yuri Nanmo and Mughi crashing

What did you think?

Hang on a minute. They just blew up an entire planet along with all of its inhabitants… I feel like they are brushing that off a little too lightly. You’ve got to worry about an entire planet that could go up like that from one shot with a beam cannon. I just hope too many people weren’t killed. That scene in the town doesn’t do them any favours, especially as there were a couple of children at the food truck that Kei went to. This show’s body count just went off the chart!

It was a funny episode with clear nods to old Western movies, but I feel like this was probably too far. They’ve obviously caused mayhem and chaos everywhere they’ve been, but to blow up an entire planet and then their boss is told to explain it in a file is a little crazy. Anyhow, best not to dwell on it for too long. On to the next episode where… checks notes… they become kidnappers…

Dirty Pair Episode 9 Kei and Yuri blow up a planet

What have you learnt?

Of course, I’m joking (mostly) because this is not real life so they can do outrageous stuff like that and laugh it off. Part of the appeal for Dirty Pair is that they cause more trouble than they’ve been sent in to deal with. I feel like my biggest issue with this episode was the accidental nature of what they did. I feel like everything they’ve done before now has been more deliberate. Either they did it knowing it would be bad, but it was the only way to succeed or it was someone reacting to them.

I feel like it would have been better if the gangs had somehow destroyed the planet and themselves in the process because of something Kei and Yuri did. It would have had more weight and we wouldn’t be left sitting here thinking about all the people, including children, they just killed accidentally. At least we got to see Kei and Yuri after they’d had a shower…

Dirty Pair Episode 9 Kei in a towel

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