Dirty Pair (Episode 21) – No Way! 463 People Disappeared?!

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Flight 807 landed but the tower couldn’t reach the crew. When they sent a team to investigate, they found the ship to be completely empty. The only sign that anyone had been there was a doll. Kei and Yuri were sent to investigate!

Dirty Pair (Episode 21) – No Way! 463 People Disappeared?!

What happened?

Kei and Yuri were in the middle of planning a nice beach vacation. It had been three months since they had any time off so they were going to treat themselves. Of course, the Chief contacted them as soon as they put in the reservation. Luckily, they weren’t on vacation for two more days so that’s plenty of time to find the four-hundred and sixty-three missing people. They weren’t going to do it alone as they had been assigned to the local investigator whose daughter was one of the missing people…

However, it was his son that seemed to be the most interesting piece of this puzzle. There was something about him that bothered Kei and Yuri. It was as if he knew something but was afraid to say anything. Kei and Yuri flew the flight that 807 took hoping to find a clue, but came back empty-handed. Well, all but for a close encounter with a ship that was flying incredibly recklessly.

Well, it turned out that it was the wife of the investigator who was remarkably cold to him and the Lovely Angels. Yuri wanted to see Arthur once more, the son of the investigator as she believed that if anyone could pull off a trick like this, it was him. When they tried to talk to him, a car raced out of nowhere and tried to run them all over, but who was the target? Back at the airport, a new ransom request came in, increasing the demand ten times!

Dirty Pair Episode 21 Kei and Yuri flying

What did you think?

Finally. We’ve got a two-part episode and it’s the first time, I’ve wanted to jump straight into the next episode. I have enjoyed every single episode, but there’s been nothing pulling me into the next one, until now. If they had an ongoing case that they were trying to get to the bottom of that spanned the entire season, it would be a far more compelling series. As it is, there’s no real urgency. I started watching this series at the beginning of 2022 and have dipped in here and there.

So, my gut feeling is that Arthur used a remote control to do something with the people aboard Flight 807. However, it would appear that something has not gone to plan and now he’s lost control. It seems likely that the person that tried to run them over wants to leave no way for them to trace everything back to them through Arthur. Of course, he’ll get a chance to redeem himself in the next episode. No doubt, he’ll show us what he can do with a remote control.

Dirty Pair Episode 21 Kei Yuri and Arthur

What have you learnt?

So yeah, you read that right. I started watching this series at the beginning of 2022. It’s taken me about a year and a half to get through the whole series. It’s odd because, as I said, I enjoyed it. I love the characters and the zany adventures they end up on, but mostly the bickering and playfulness of their friendship. Why so long then? Well, it’s as I keep saying, the lack of a thread pulling the episodes together is the reason.

I’ll pick up another series here and there and generally watch it within a week or two. Usually, by the third or fourth episode, it’ll grab me and I have to roll through the remaining episodes as quickly as possible. Because of that, I would watch an episode or two of Dirty Pair and then drift into something else. I dare say that someone who isn’t as stubborn as me probably wouldn’t finish it and that’s a shame because it is good. I just wish it had a better hook to keep you watching.

Dirty Pair Episode 21 Kei and Yuri

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