Dirty Pair (Episode 15) – Dig Here, Meow Meow. Happiness Comes at the End

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While on vacation, The Lovely Angels take on a job that could be incredibly lucrative. They will help an adventurer find a long-lost treasure even if he does stink of garlic! Well, it beats lying around in the sun!

Dirty Pair (Episode 15) – Dig Here, Meow Meow. Happiness Comes at the End

What happened?

Kei and Yuri are finally getting to enjoy some vacation time and have already started fighting about a guy named Stephan. Yuri saw him first, but he made eye contact with Kei first. He doesn’t seem to have any idea of what he’s getting into as he says he’ll send them both so many flowers that their rooms will be filled with petals. Then an old guy bursts out of the bush and knocks Stephan over. He’s followed by several more guys in suits and dark glasses. It doesn’t take long before Kei decides to get involved.

Once it’s just Kei and the old guy left standing, he asks if Kei knows about two 3WA agents staying at the hotel. He has a private job that he wants to hire them for. They may be on holiday, but he seems far more exciting than Stephan, so they hear him out. He has a key that will open an ancient treasure room from a lost civilisation and he needs their help as his former assistant is trying to steal it from him. The treasure is said to be worth upwards of one hundred and fifty million credits. He’s prepared to give them ten percent. Yuri negotiates twenty with the help of a helicopter with a minigun!

They make it to the planet of the lost civilization and crash because Nanmo’s scent receptors can’t handle the amount of garlic the old man is cooking with. He’s quite certain they will need the energy when they get there. They find the temple and are about to head to the treasure room when his old assistant corners them and takes the key. What she doesn’t know is that you need three people to open the door. They find her restrained by the door having failed to open it. Kei, Yuri and Grandpa Galic stand on some tiles and have to push them down when they rise up. After a minute of crazed activity, the door opens. However, there is just a piece of paper. Grandpa Garlic reads the ancient text and reveals it says that teamwork is the real treasure!

Later, they learn that the paper actually had the formula for unlimited energy which Grandpa Garlic sold for one hundred and seventy million credits. Kei and Yuri weren’t even mad, especially when they took deliver of several thousand red roses!

Dirty Pair Episode 15 Kei and Yuri protecting Grandpa Garlic

What did you think?

This was an amazing episode and perfectly showcased the Dirty Pair… I mean Dirty Angels… oops… Lovely Angels. I enjoyed the banter between them and Grandpa Garlic as it was quite clear that each of them was in it for themselves. Yuri and Kei strong-armed him into paying them more by using a deadly attack to their advantage. Then, Grandpa Garlic told them a lie about the piece of paper, which they believed because they had always assumed it would be gold. I think the fact that they all seemed to get along despite this is why they weren’t that bothered about him lying about the piece of paper.

I must admit that I laughed when it said the real treasure is teamwork. That’s such a corny thing to do that it made perfect sense for it to be true. Of course, I was fooled just as well as the Lovely Angels. On top of that, I loved the mysterious lost civilization with advanced technology story and a treasure hunt just made it even better. My only criticism is that I could have watched a much longer story and seen them explore the ruins more.

Dirty Pair Episode 15 Kei and Yuri stunned

What have you learnt?

One thing that I love about this series is the variety of the worlds and stories that Kei and Yuri get caught up in. It really adds a lot of colour to the world of Dirty Pair. I think it would be possible to achieve the same results on just one planet, but having the entire universe in which to set it opens up all sorts of possibilities. Because we’re so familiar with Kei and Yuri and they don’t generally change much as characters, the worlds are where we get to see the development that the story needs.

When you have a series with static characters like Kei and Yuri it’s important to show something else changing. Usually, it’s as a result of interactions with the static characters. They don’t change much, but they change everything around them. So, whether, it’s people or places, they are the instigators of change and ironically, the world around them is aware of that and also terrified of what might happen. It’s a nice way to frame it as it allows for some fairly light-hearted stuff and also some truly dark moments, such as blowing up an entire planet!

Dirty Pair Episode 15 Kei and Yuri receive some roses

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