Dirty Pair (Episode 20) – Nostalgic Blues Make a Killer Soundtrack

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A notorious assassin who was believed to be dead has reappeared so Kei and Yuri have been sent to bring him in. However, when they find him, he reveals he has one last job to do and then he’ll come quietly. What will they do?

Dirty Pair (Episode 20) – Nostalgic Blues Make a Killer Soundtrack

What happened?

After arriving on the planet where Blue was believed to be, they were forced to catch a ride with a fire-breathing dinosaur since they were clearly troublemakers dressed like that… On their way, they ran into a group of bikers that were looking to cause some trouble although they eventually let them go on their way. Of course, Kei and Yuri ran into them again in a bar as they searched for Blues. Within seconds, the entire bar had erupted into a mass brawl. Then, one guy picked up Kei and threw her through a window. He told Yuri to follow as more were on their way.

The bikers chased them across the rocky terrain and even had a flying vehicle. However, the man shot it down with his cybernetic arm… just like Blue! Kei slapped a handcuff on him, delighted that they had found their guy. It was just unfortunate that he had helped them escape from the bikers. Then, they learnt that Blue was prepared to come in if they let him do one last job. His target was the businessman, Melpot who was running a Creamy Gal beauty pageant!

It turns out Melpot killed Blue’s mother by throwing her into a lava pit. Kei and Yuri agreed to help him, especially when they discovered that Melpot was planning on destroying the hotel and bankrupting a rival insurance agency. Not to mention all the people that would be killed. They almost got to him, but Melpot uncoupled the monorail cars and made his escape. Blue shot off the handcuffs and followed on his speeder bike, aware that his cuff would explode in one minute, but would it be enough time?

Dirty Pair Episode 20 Kei and Yuri with Blues

What did you think?

Hahaha! Miss Creamy Gal Contest! Seriously that’s too funny. Not to mention that Melpot looked remarkably like Coronel Sanders from Kentucky Fried Chicken. This was a fun episode, but again it felt like the idea was larger than the episode. It could have been longer and given us more time to see Kei and Yuri come to a position of understanding Blue. There have been several episodes that could have been longer, some even making pretty good movies.

As a result of the standard episode length and their need to wrap it up in one episode, things felt a little rushed. I would have liked to see Kei and Yuri learn more about Blue and Melpot so that they can make a decision that wasn’t based on a couple of seconds of evil villain dialogue between Melpot and the main biker who were arguing about who was more evil…

Dirty Pair Episode 20 Blues tells Kei and Yuri who his target is

What have you learnt?

I’ve mentioned before that I have a story idea that I’m working on about two main characters who get into all sorts of horrific situations with extraterrestrial monsters and it was going to follow a monster of the week sort of format. Each story would be set in a different location with a different monster. After watching this series, I feel like it’s important that I have a thread that pulls them all together. I want it to be something that slowly builds but also does enough to make readers want to keep going.

However, I do want each book to be a complete book and be something that could be read in any order. I think this series has given me some ideas on how to approach that. As always, getting the characters and their relationship right is paramount. If they are fun to be around then it will make it possible for the reader to dive in knowing what they will get and knowing that the main characters will behave in a familiar way. Like Kei and Yuri, they won’t change as the series goes on. At least not much. With everything else changing, they are the foundation that holds the series together.

Dirty Pair Episode 20 Kei and Yuri at a bar

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