Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time: Super EXtra (Episode 20) – Peter Grill and the Sisterly Feud

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Just when Fruitalia thinks she’s got Peter Grill right where she wants him, Vegan swoops in and steals him away. He begs her to remove the spell her sister cast on him, but she can’t. They will have to go back to her home!

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time: Super EXtra (Episode 20) – Peter Grill and the Sisterly Feud

What happened?

Just when Peter started to get aroused, he quickly took care of things himself. Now, he has the clarity to see Fruitalia for who she is. She can’t believe he could resist her and plans on casting more forbidden magic. However, Vegan appears and takes Peter away, casting a spell on Fruitalia in the process. Once they are far enough away, Peter asks Vegan to remove the spell. She asks him what he would be willing to do for her… Anyhow, after he’s done his part, she reveals that only the person that cast it can remove it.

Peter asks Vegan what caused her to be banished. Well, Vegan ate Fruitalia’s pudding. She refused to repent and they fought and fought and fought. Once they had finished, Vegan tried to use forbidden magic to create a new pudding, but couldn’t control it and destroyed the village with giant puddings. Peter then asked why she lied about being the Goodwill Ambassador. She did it to protect Fruitalia. Now, if she could just tell Fruitalia all of this, things would be golden. Peter takes her back and even gives her some advice, but can Vegan do it?

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Episode 20 Vegan attempts to apologize

What did you think?

I knew the reason for Vegan’s banishment from the village was going to be dumb, but I never expected it to be this dumb. Of course, that’s on top of them not being able to claim their inheritance because they can’t get along. The annoying thing about how this series has gone is that it started so well and then built on that. I remember the end of season one where Lisa Alpacas dangled a carrot in front of Peter Grill, offering him the chance to become a king. She was commanding and domineering. What the hell happened to her? We’ve not seen that character since then.

I feel like they’ve just decided to do whatever because it’s an ecchi series and no one is going to take it seriously. That’s one of the big downfalls with the genre if you ask me. Sometimes, they get it right and create a wonderful balance between characters, storytelling, and sexiness. Other times, they just put all their eggs in one basket, and it shouldn’t be hard to guess which one. The problem is boring characters are not sexy, no matter how good they might look.

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Episode 20 Fruitalia and Grandmother

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  1. “boring characters are not sexy, no matter how good they might look.”

    We need to tattoo this in the back of the hands of every anime producer in the world. (I might cut the better studios a bit of slack on it.)

    • This is my Henry the Fifth – Once more unto the breach moment. Possibly, the most insightful and profound thing I’ve ever written down so thanks for noticing.

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