Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time (Season One)

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Title

In order to convince the father of the girl that he loved, Peter Grill fought his way to becoming the strongest man in the world, however, he hadn’t counted on the extra attention a title like that might attract!

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time (Season One)

What did you watch?

This was another of my shortlisted titles from the Summer 2020 schedule that I put off until it had finished. In my prediction post, I was expecting Peter Grill to gain the most negative attention based on the premise. I’ve certainly not seen too many insults thrown its way, but then I’m also getting pretty good at ignoring things about shows that I haven’t seen yet. It’s part of my desire to avoid spoilers. Anyhow, saying that you can expect spoilers below for Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time.

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Lisa warns Peter against throwing the fight

What happened?

Peter Grill won the ultimate martial arts tournament and became renowned as the strongest man in the world. He did this so that he could marry his love, Luvelia Sanctos. Her father is the guild master and not a man to be trifled with. This should at least make it hard for the miserable old bastard to deny him. On his way to meet with Luvelia after the tournament, he is met by another member of his guild, Mimi. She was impressed with Peter’s win and decided that she was determined to have a child with the strongest man in the world!

Peter tried to lose Mimi and was relieved when Mimi’s older sister, Lisa arrived and knocked some sense into Mimi. After all, if anyone was going to have Peter’s child, it was her. Peter tried everything he could to lose the ogre sisters, and for a while, he did. However, having a strong child is the highest honour for the ogres and they were not about to give up. If only that was all Peter had to deal with!

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Mimi and Lisa Seduce Peter

What did you think?

I’ll openly admit that after the first two episodes, I was less than impressed with Peter Grill. It felt a bit daft and then there’s the premise which is obviously problematic. It reminded me of the Ishtar arc in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? II and how had the genders in the story been flipped, it would be a very different situation. So, the idea of a group of horny girls relentlessly pursuing Peter and pretty much forcing him to have sex with them was not the best start.

However, after the first couple of episodes, I found myself warming to the story and having a lot of laughs at poor Peter’s expense. I think the strength of the joke is that Peter, as much as he claims to love Luvelia, continues to give in to these girls at the drop of a hat. That said, it’s still a pretty dark premise and had the potential to be much darker with the guild master trying to sabotage Peter and the guild’s financial problems causing more issues. Sadly, they didn’t focus too much on that and it was back to poor Peter and his poor choices.

I will say one more thing and that is the VA for Peter was the voice behind Zenitsu from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and this was the role that his screaming and exaggerated expressions were made for.

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Peter Mimi and Lisa

What was your favourite moment?

Honestly, there was a lot to laugh at in this series and I think the pact was probably one of my favourite moments. Lisa and Mimi Alpacas, Vegan, and Pancetta Piglette managed to come up with a schedule for when they would each get to try to get pregnant from Peter. All the while they were negotiating, Peter is like a ghost in the background trying to have some sort of say in the matter. But, of course, Peter has no say and in reality, he’s probably all right with that. It’s when he finally has an off day that things get worse for him.

He decided to take Luvelia on a date to a fancy restaurant, but as the date progresses, his admirers each show up and demand a quicky or they’ll spill the beans to Luvelia. All of this is somehow funnier because Luvelia is the most nieve person imaginable. She still believes that you pray for a child and the storks bring one to you. All of this is thanks to the sheltered life she’s experienced living under her father’s watchful eye.

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Episode 8 Peter Grill trying to have a say while Piglette Pancetta Lisa Alpacas Mimi Alpacas and Vegan negotiate

What was your least favourite moment?

I think this was when the elf, Vegan had set her sights on Peter Grill as a potential donor and when he refused her, she cursed his junk. At first, nothing seemed to happen but as the day went on, Peter ended up with a permanent erection and the only way to cure it was to have sex with the one that cursed him. Failure to do so and it would eventually fall off… So, as troubling as Lisa and Mimi pushing themselves onto Peter repeatedly until he gave in was, it was nothing compared to Vegan’s approach which was straight-up blackmailing.

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Episode 4 Vegan tells Peter how to break the curse

Who was your favourite character?

While Peter was a complete pushover and obviously had some issues, his reactions to everything that kept happening to him were very funny. That said, I think Lisa Alpacas was my favourite character. I thought it was pretty funny that she realised that Peter might try to throw the fight with Antonio Spartokos as a way to get rid of her. And then how she defeated Spartokos with her jiggling distraction technique. Finally, it was what she said to Peter at the end of the season that really caught my attention. She made an observation about Peter’s relationship with Luvelia and how things could be better if he were to choose her instead. I was sold, but then Luvelia was never my first choice, to begin with.

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Lisa Alpacas

Who was your least favourite character?

As clueless as Luvelia was I would still say that Vegan was my least favourite character. I found the way she ensnared Peter to be the most offensive of the bunch and her attitude was just annoying. We obviously needed a character to play that role otherwise they would have all been too similar. I just can’t get on board with anyone holding someone’s manhood hostage for any reason whatsoever. That’s just not cool!

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Vegan

Would you like some more?

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but each episode of this series is half the length of a normal episode, so it was easy to breeze through the entire series. I think twelve-minute episodes definitely worked in Peter Grill’s favour. Amazingly, there is a second season, so I will definitely watch it. I’ve become bizarrely invested in this crazy love hexagon or whatever it will become. More than anything, I enjoy a good laugh and this series delivered plenty.

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Peter waking up with all the Girls

What have you learnt?

I’m not entirely sure what I can take from this series. Ultimately, it was a fun series and that should be enough. There’s so much chaos in the world right now that we should take every opportunity to enjoy ourselves and if that’s laughing at some raunchy comedy then so be it. I grew up in England watching shows like Benny Hill and the Carry-On movies so I don’t get flustered by much. It also shows just how objective comedy can be. This series is absolutely not for everyone, but there will be others out there that enjoyed and that’s a good thing. I’m also curious about what other fruit Peter might be able to use as a weapon…

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Peter fighting with a Banana

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    • I’m pretty sure there’s an uncensored version somewhere out there and given the fact that he has sex with them all over and over again, I wouldn’t call it ecchi light. Uncensored, I’d put it in a similar category to High School DxD.

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