Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time: Super EXtra (Episode 21) – Peter Grill and the Essence of an Apology

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Vegan and Fruitalia are determined to fight, however, Peter will make them see reason, especially as there’s the inheritance to unlock. It better be good after all this or Peter will be in trouble!

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time: Super EXtra (Episode 21) – Peter Grill and the Essence of an Apology

What happened?

Both Vegan and Fruitalia refuse to talk it out. They will solve their issues with violence. At first, all Peter can do is watch in astonishment as both sisters attack with everything they have. However, Peter sees his chance to make a difference and he jumps between them. Vegan is annoyed that he would choose Fruitalia, but he insists he’s on both sides. She’s not listening though as she unleashes a monster attack. Peter isn’t the strongest man in the world for nothing though as he easily deflects the attack.

Now, if he can just get the sisters to talk and understand what the other is going through. Surprisingly, it works and Vegan apologises for everything she did. She takes full responsibility for it. Then, she tells Fruitalia how she wanted to get pregnant with Peter’s child so that she didn’t have to. Fruitalia throws one last punch and then they make up. Now, to open the inheritance. What could it be?

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Episode 21 Vegan versus Fruitalia

What did you think?

I cannot believe they pulled the ‘the treasure was inside you all along” crap! This entire arc has been one disappointment after another. It might have been funny had they not already done a ton of fake-outs already in this section. I will admit that Peter deflecting the magic was pretty cool and seeing the girls finally catch up with them just as things are getting serious made me laugh.

Peter did some good work reuniting Vegan and Fruitalia. It’s just unfortunate that it ended up backfiring and leaving him with yet another girl instead of the one fewer, he was hoping for. I know these episodes are half the length of a regular episode, but they seem to be flying by. This one felt like it was barely five minutes long. They could have probably squeezed the entire arc into a single regular-length episode. Oh well, let’s see what the Guild Master has in store for Peter next.

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Episode 21 Vegan and Fruitalia naked

Episode highlights

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