Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time: Super EXtra (Episode 24) – Peter Grill and the Future Legacy

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The Cicada Mole attacks and its armour is impenetrable. Luckily, Peter arrives with the reforged Orichalcum sword and fights back. When he’s done, he suggests a new alliance be made that benefits everyone!

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time: Super EXtra (Episode 24) – Peter Grill and the Future Legacy

What happened?

Luvelia tries to defend her father, the Guild Master, but he tells her not to worry as Lisa and Mimi Alpacas rush to attack it. However, their attacks are ineffective and simply bounce off. Next, Vegan and Fruitalia attack with a powerful forbidden spell, blowing up the entire area. The Cicade Mole emerges unscathed. Everyone is starting to panic, but then Peter arrives with the reforged sword. He leaps onto the Cicade Mole’s arm and races towards the heads. He slices down, cleaving the giant beast in two.

After the fight is over, the Guild Master wants to know why the sword has become an axe! Peter can’t tell him that they didn’t have time to make a sword so he goes in a different direction. He says the old alliance is bad for the dwarves and that they should make a new one that benefits everyone. The Guild Master is furious, but Luvelia is pleased to see he agrees with her. Mithlim tells Peter that he will need to keep his side of the bargain and then her father comes to talk with him because she told him everything… everything!

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Episode 24 The Guild Master is annoyed at Peter

What did you think?

Well, that was not the ending I was expecting, but I actually liked it. Having just added Mithlim to his unwanted harem, Peter sees Luvelia riding towards him. She’s running away and wants to take him with her. Peter accepts without any hesitation. The girls run after them, frustrated that he has run away on them, although Lisa seems to respect Luvelia’s newfound confidence. Can they really have a happily ever after? I’m rooting for them!

As with most things in this series, the action was fast and over in the blink of an eye. There also wasn’t much in the way of fan service which was surprising. While I was disappointed with the lack of awkward scenes where Peter woke up to find out he had done it again, I did like that he kind of owned it towards the end. He may have made some terrible choices throughout the series, but he wasn’t necessarily a bad guy. Maybe now, he can actually be happy…

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Episode 24 Luvelia and Peter searching for their happily ever after

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