Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time (Episode 5) – Peter Grill and a Blind Date with an Orc

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Peter Grill comes up against yet another obstacle to settling down with Luvelia. The guild master has received a marriage proposal from the orcs and it would be rude to refuse outright. Surely, Peter can resist an orc girl!

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time (Episode 5) – Peter Grill and a Blind Date with an Orc

What happened?

Luvelia is furious that her father would do that to Peter after the guild had recognised their engagement. He was sure that Peter would be able to handle a date without getting attached or doing anything that would warrant him breaking up with Luvelia. No, that thought hadn’t even crossed the guild master’s mind. So, he introduced Peter to the orc lord who had Piglette brought to meet with Peter. Then, they left leaving Peter and Piglette to get to know one another.

Peter had been certain that he was not going to fall for an orc. Sure, he might make dumb decisions when faced with a couple of beautiful oni sisters or an elf that had cursed his manhood, but there was no way he could do it with an orc… or so he thought! Piglette was an outcast in orc society for looking more human than orc. As such, she believed herself to be ugly and not worthy of someone like Peter. They spent the day together which included beating up some bandits. At the end of the day, Peter said that it wouldn’t work, but the orc lord, and the guild master, were not ready to give up yet. Maybe, they should spend the night together!

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Episode 5 Piglette Pancetta

What did you think?

That guild master is hilarious. I love the way he constantly tries to undermine Peter. Can he tell that Peter isn’t as committed as he says he is or is he just an overbearing father? Maybe even both! Either way, that sets Peter up to face the latest test of his virtue (which is already shattered) by going on a date with an orc. This should be easy, orcs are all muscles and teeth. Of course, Piglette is cute. It was never going to be an actual orc girl, but it’s her demeanour that catches him out.

I liked how her confidence was shattered by growing up as an outcast in the orc community and how a few kind words from Peter left her infatuated with him. Sadly, we didn’t get to see Peter sitting in his bed next to his latest conquest as he contemplates the meaning of life and how he can’t get a break. However, the next episode is almost certain to give us that as Peter has to spend the night with Piglette and she’s looking more than a little hot. Her drink may have been spiked too! How will Peter get past the guild master?

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Episode 5 The Guild Master has a plan to deal with Peter Grill

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