It Might Happen… Summer 2020 (Sunday Sevens)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens It Might Happen Summer 2020

I love trying to make predictions on where a story is going. So much so, that I’ve decided to make predictions for the Summer 2020 shows I’m planning on watching before I’ve even seen an episode!

It Might Happen… Summer 2020

You might be wondering how I might go about making any sort of reasonable predictions without seeing a show. That’s fair. As of right now, I have eight titles in my to-watch list and several others that I was planning on that have been postponed. There’s a chance that I’ll pick up some more or I might catch up on some older shows I still need to watch.

Anyhow, I have seen the promo image and read the very brief synopsis for each of these shows as that’s usually how I pick them. Other than that, I know nothing. There’s still a chance that some of this might get postponed or end up on a service that I don’t have… Makes you wonder if the effort going into this post is worth it or not. That’s impossible to say, so let’s look at my predictions.

7. Fire Force (Season Two)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens It Might Happen Summer 2020 Fire Force Season Two

Let’s start with an easy one. This is, of course, season two of Fire Force and I’m going to boldly predict that there will be more fires… Haha! Too easy. Actually, I’m going to double down on a prediction I made during the first season and that is that Arthur is tricking everyone. He’s not nearly as dumb as he makes out and I think his revelation will be quite the earth-shattering moment.

6. The Misfit of Demon King Academy (Season One)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens It Might Happen Summer 2020 The Misfits of Demon King Academy

So, a demon lord gets bored and sends himself into the future so that he can continue where he left off but discovers that the world has lost a lot of its magic and he’s now stuck in a high school for demon lords and is failing badly. I’m getting a bit of a The Devil is a Part-timer vibe from this description and I hope I’m right. My prediction is that the demon lord falls into a relaxed atmosphere and ends up using his powers for good.

5. Deca-Dence (Season One)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens It Might Happen Summer 2020 Deca-Dence

Humanity pushed to the brink of extinction by an unknown monster… Sign me up! This story focuses on a girl with no aptitude for fighting but a positive attitude and a guy with insane fighting skills but no lust for life. A chance meeting between the two will change the course of humanity. So, I’m guessing a battle-hardened veteran finds a new reason to fight back against the invaders and that reason is the girl. I also think that she’ll end up surpassing him as the real force for change. I’m also predicting that this one will be a little darker and am expecting lots of deaths.

4. Uzaki-chan Wants to Play! (Season One)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens It Might Happen Summer 2020 Uzaki-chan Wants to Play

It’s about a guy who just wants to get his head down and get through school, but a girl has made it her mission to derail him because she wants to have fun and enjoys messing with him. This one feels like another Magical Sempai and I am completely on-board with that. That series was hilarious and I’m hoping that this one is the same. There’s obviously a little more freedom in the things they can do with this series as they aren’t tied to the magic theme, so I think there could be more outlandish and entertaining moments.

3. Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time (Season One)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens It Might Happen Summer 2020 Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time

This series is probably the one that will gather the most negative attention as it appears to be about a guy who’s just trying to settle down with his girl, but he’s also the strongest person in this world (possibly an Isekai then) and as such everyone wants his children. It has the potential to be hilarious or infuriating. My gut is telling me it’s going to be this season’s Conception, but I hope I’m wrong.

2. Gibiate (Season One)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens It Might Happen Summer 2020 Gibiate

Samurai fighting against humans infected by a virus that turns them into different monsters based on a number of factors. I am so into this one already. Did I ever tell you how much I love swords? This one looks like it’s going to be fairly dark with lots of blood and death. I just hope that they fully embrace it and go all out. My prediction is for a pretty epic opening full of shock deaths and brutal monsters. This has the potential to be my favourite of the season based on the description alone, so don’t screw it up.

1. Dokyuu Hentai HxEros

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens It Might Happen Summer 2020 Dokyuu Hentai HxEros

I should probably take this slot to talk about season two of Re:Zero which I am excited for, but I want to go in with no preconceptions so I’ve decided to put this one here. There’s little doubt in my mind that this will be terrible. The only question is whether it will fall into the so bad it’s good category which is what I’m hoping for. I’m expecting to laugh a lot at this one. Don’t let me down.

So, there you have it. These are my uninformed opinions of shows that I haven’t seen yet. It’s actually been a lot of fun coming up with these reasonings for why I’m watching them. Hopefully, I’ll be right more times than not and Re:Zero – season two doesn’t get pushed back again. Have you got any prediction for the coming season?

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  1. I’m looking forward to Deca-Dence and Gibiate. I might watch some of these others if they turn out to make a big noise in the community. Also it’s really cool that you make predictions. I’m nowhere near that level of insight and experience.

    • Thanks and those are the two I’m probably most excited about. As for making predictions, don’t worry too much about being right all the time. Wayne Gretzky famously said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Some of my predictions will almost certainly be wrong, but it’s fun trying to guess.

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