Best Villain Winter 2020 (Sunday Sevens)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens Best Villain Winter 2020

Villains are great characters as they can embody any number of forms. Some are truly terrifying, while others make your blood boil with rage. These are those characters from the Winter 2020 anime season.

Best Villain Winter 2020

So far, I’ve looked back at the best anime, boy, and girl for the Winter 2020 anime season, but now it’s time to get into those characters that everyone remembers. I’m sure this list will be as polarising as the others if not more so. People seem to love the villains. We wouldn’t want to actually meet them (for the most part) but there is something that draws you in. A great villain can make a show and similarly a terrible one can break it. Anyhow, these are my most memorable villains from the Winter 2020 anime season.

7. Franklin (Infinite Dendrogram)

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 8 Dr Franklin

Franklin just makes it onto this list and that’s mostly because of the potential they’ve created with this character. He entered the show wearing a penguin suit and calling himself Doctor Flamingo! As if that wasn’t weird enough, he convinced Ray to drink a potion that gave him cat ears. This all seems rather harmless, but that was just the intro. Franklin kidnapped the Princess and revealed that he was going to destroy an entire city and all the Tians that lived within, something that surprised his ally, Hugo. Well, an interesting point to remember is that Franklin and Hugo are sisters in the real world. Also, Franklin is planning something so diabolical that he’s convinced Hugo to take some time away to find himself, allowing Franklin to really up the evil!

6. John Walker (ID: Invaded)

ID Invaded Episode 12 John Walker

I feel like John Walker should be much higher on this list and he would have been had he not been defeated so easily. They spent a lot of the season building up the mystery of who John Walker is, but it was fairly obvious in the end and it ended up where he didn’t seem to be that aware of quite how his god complex was dictating things. Could he have been manipulated by another? It’s possible and that would then make things really interesting. Hopefully, we’ll find out if we get another season.

5. Steel Lady Nanase (In/Spectre)

InSpectre Episode 3 Steel Lady Nanase

The I-beam Idol (that one’s for you, Crow!), Steel Lady Nanase is probably not what you were expecting on a list of best villains, and I am inclined to agree with you, however, without Kurou keeping her busy in one spot the carnage could have been immense. She was pretty much unstoppable to the average person and the visage of a busty idol wearing a corset and carrying a steel beam is going to leave you with a lot of weird feelings. Should I run away? But, I can’t stop staring…

4. Wang (Darwin’s Game)

Darwin's Game Episode 10 Wang

Wang was you typical pantomime villain and that’s one of the things that I loved about him. He was just so completely over the top that it made his eventual demise that much more entertaining. Even in the final battle, he was running his mouth and painting some disturbing pictures. Then, as he died, he couldn’t help but goad Kaname into taking things further. He was a complete unrelenting monster and in some ways, it’s a shame that he’s gone. This is another series that I’m hoping for another season.

3. Overhaul (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 70 Overhaul

Kai Chisaki was a yakuza thug with an interesting quirk, Overhaul. He could destroy and rebuild anything, breaking it down to the atomic level. As powerful as his quirk was, it was his ideals and his planning that set him apart from most. He was prepared to do anything to put the yakuza back at the top of the underworld. The things he did to Eri will make him a monster and rightly so, but his ability to plot and strategize on the fly was impressive. It certainly cost Mirio dearly. Then, when things got serious, he was able to absorb his underlings into his own body to make himself stronger.

2. Shigaraki (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 77 Shigaraki

This may come as a surprise as Shigaraki was barely in season four of My Hero Academia, however, there is a scene that really sticks in my mind and that was when he intercepted Overhaul, took his quirk cancelling bullets and his hands. Shigaraki is a complete psychopath, but that was one entertaining scene. It completely stole the thunder from the entire Overhaul arc. Shigaraki has grown as a villain and he only seems to be getting better as the series continues.

1. Aunt Rosa (Somali and the Forest Spirit)

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 11 The Inn Keepers Wife

I hated Aunt Rosa with a passion. In fact, one of the reasons that this series wasn’t higher on my Best Anime Winter 2020 post was because of Aunt Rosa’s conclusion. Did I mention that I hate this character? The entire scene where she tricked Golem into taking a route through an abandoned mine so that she could capture Somali, a child, and have her cut up so that they could eat her was sickening. The fact that she could just stand there and grin as they tried to hold her still made me so mad. Then, when the Golem didn’t rip her to pieces in the next episode I lost my mind. Even worse, that Somali saved her. Can someone just write a scene where she meets a horrific end already?

So, in my mind, Shigaraki is a better villain overall than Aunt Rosa, but the sheer amount of rage I felt watching Aunt Rosa was unparalleled and there was no way I couldn’t make her the top villain. It was the emotional response that did it. Argh! I hate her and I hate that she didn’t get what she deserved. Damn you, Somai and the Forest Spirit.

These are just my opinions based on the shows that I watched in the Winter 2020 anime season. So, would you agree or disagree with my selections? Which were your favourite villains from the Winter 2020 anime season? Thanks, again for reading.

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  1. “So, in my mind, Shigaraki is a better villain overall than Aunt Rosa, but the sheer amount of rage I felt watching Aunt Rosa was unparalleled and there was no way I couldn’t make her the top villain.”

    That pretty much covers it!

    I’m debating about another stab at some fanfic — which would itself include a lot of stabbing, if you catch my drift…

    • I’d read it… over and over again. And then once more just to savour the moment. I’m still not over Somali saving her.

  2. Turn out that of the anime I watched in Winter 2020 (, MHA was the only one with actual villains. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! had a couple of heavies, but nobody I’d actually raise to the level of full blown villain…

    • Yeah, that’s why my favourite series didn’t make the list. No one in Bofuri could really be considered a villain. Even the programmers came around to the idea of Maple.

      I have this list as I’m always fascinated by the villains, especially a good one, and the emotional responses they can elicit.

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