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In these uncertain times, it’s always good to have a backup. So, I’ve decided that I’ll become the King of the Pirates. It may be difficult, but if I can put together a hearty crew, we’ll at least have a lot of fun!

My Pirate Crew!

About a year and a half ago, I was celebrating having watched an episode of One Piece every day for an entire year and came up with My Pirate Crew. I then turned it into a tag post and was surprised to see so many bloggers putting together their own crews. Anyhow, since then I’ve watched a lot more anime, but haven’t quite kept up with One Piece, although I did make it to episode 574 before taking a break. I figured that now would be as good a time as ever to revisit this idea and select an entirely new crew. So, here they are.

Chef – Pecorine (Princess Connect! Re:Dive)

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 2 Pecorine wins eating contest

Pecorine would make a fantastic start to my new crew as she’s a bit of a culinary wizard and knows how to make pretty much anything taste good. On top of that, she’s also a Princess and quite handy with a sword and her fists. At times, she can be a bit of a ditz and a little too trusting, but you could absolutely depend on her when times get tough.

Doctor – Senku Ishigami (Dr. Stone)

Dr Stone Episode 13 Senku making Chemicals

This kind of goes without saying, but Senku rediscovered antibiotics in the stone-age. If anyone can figure out what’s wrong with you and find a way to cure you, it’s Senku. On top of that, he pretty much understands everything and would come in handy for strategy and science. While he may not be that good for the hands-on stuff, he would certainly be able to offer up some opinions on everything.

Warrior – Maple (BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense)

BOFURI Episode 1 Maple with One of a Kind Equipment

It might seem like an odd decision to choose a defensive type as my main warrior, but then you must have missed Bofuri. Maple is a shield user, but she’s also inquisitive and does everything in her own way. Thanks to her unusual approach, she has unlocked a load of overpowered abilities and is now just as deadly on offence as she is in defence. Who wouldn’t want a tank on their team, especially if she can absorb all damage for the party and not notice.

Sniper – Rein Kashiwagi (Darwin’s Game)

Darwin's Game Episode 4 Darwin's Game Episode 4 Rein Fights Back Rein Fights Back

Rein may only be fourteen, but she been able to survive in Darwin’s Game and solidify her position as a broker of information. Her Sigil, Laplace’s Demon allows her to see future events and react to them in real-time. That’s a pretty handy skill to have, especially as a sniper. It would also be a joy to have her level head and analytical mind on board. I think she’d get along with Senku for sure.

Navigator – Aguero Agnes Khun (Tower of God)

Tower of God Episode 6 Rak and Khun

Khun seems to have a plan and that’s exactly what I want from my navigator. We may not know the way to the One Piece or even how to find it, so it would definitely make sense to have someone like Khun as a part of the crew. His bag is also quite the asset and along with Senku, they could come up with all sorts of uses for it.

Entertainer – Sempai (Magical Sempai)

Magical Sempai Episode 4 Sempai Wet

Everyone loves magic, right? Well, we might not get much actual magic, but we sure will have a lot of fun. Sempai is hilarious and even when she gets it wrong, it makes her performances great. I was about to say that it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t have any other skills, but that’s not quite true. She is a talented runner and has many other untapped skills. That said, it’s what she can do to lift the spirits of the crew that matters. I have no regrets about this selection.

Mechanic – Overhaul (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 67 Overhaul

So, this may seem like an odd choice too. Not once did we see Overhaul do anything related to being a mechanic. Nothing. So why choose him? Well, his Quirk gives him the ability to break down anything to its base matter and rebuild it again in any way he sees fit. If the engine is broken, don’t worry about it. Overhaul can just break it down and rebuild it again as new. There are obviously lots of other uses for this skill and I’m sure Senku and Khun will keep him busy. I was a little worried about his temperament, but being a pirate is similar to a yakuza so everything should be fine…

And that’s my new Pirate Crew. We set sail today on a journey of discovery and adventure. Who knows what dangers we’ll face and how we’ll fare against them, but that’s part of the fun of being a pirate. If this list has piqued your interest and you’d like to put together a pirate crew to challenge mine, then do it. A pirate doesn’t ask for permission. Arghhhh!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. You know, I might go with Chaika (Coffin Princess) for my sniper–great skill and no questions or qualms, just solid performance.

    • I’ve not seen Coffin Princess, but after glimpsing at the synopsis, I feel like I should. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  2. Looks like you’ll be eating well! I’d tend to go with Sinon as my sniper, but I absolutely cannot fault Rein. She’d be a decent tactician, too.

    Make this into a series, and it’d be worth watching just to see what Maple would do to an enemy pirate ship!

    Overhaul, though? I don’t know. You’d need to keep two eyes on him at all times! But you’re right. If you can win him over to your side, his Quirk would be enormously useful.

    And yeah, I’d look forward to the magic shows!

    • Yeah, who knows what Maple will do? I doubt she even does.

      The risk reward ratio of Overhaul would be worth it, especially if he buys into the whole being a pirate thing.

      And can you imagine Sempai’s face when she meets the crew? That’s some extra pressure she probably doesn’t need, but it sure would be good for laughs.

  3. I got tagged for this one some months back… I’ve been going back and forth on some of my crew. Just may “borrow” a few of your ideas.

    • You’re welcome to them, but can you really trust a pirate that is willing to jump ship???

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