Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 6) – I’ve Practiced

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Cat Planet Cuties Title

The Catians reviewed the events of the previous episode in a sauna before relaying the details to Eris, who is currently helping Kio with a video project. Meanwhile, Aoi and Manami have some things to work on!

Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 6) – I’ve Practiced

What happened?

The Catians were able to confirm that Aoi’s power suit has been provided by the Dogishuan to the Earthlings, which is in direct violation of an order from the central body. They need to get this news to Eris so that she is aware of what they’re up against, but first, they need to work out why humans enjoy saunas. They’re just too hot for their delicate cat-like bodies…

Eris agrees to be a part of Kio’s video project for school but everything seems to be going against her as she doesn’t look “alien” enough and her ship also doesn’t quite fit the bill. Some of the club members decide that they should make a romance instead, which is enough for Eris to jump on top of Kio.

Aoi teaches Manami how to shoot a gun in Kio’s backyard, which gets him quite annoyed. Regardless of it being an embassy, it’s not very nice for the neighbours. Manami is annoyed but reluctantly agrees. Aoi is also keen to perfect her cooking skills in an attempt to win Kio over, but she keeps setting the food on fire. They just need to find somewhere to practice where they won’t upset anyone.

Luckily for them, Chaika tells them about the virtual room where they can create anything they want with their minds. It also comes in hand for mating seasons when Catians don’t have a mate… Was that too much information? Anyhow, Aoi creates a kitchen and starts to practice her cooking while Manami creates a shooting range, but then creates Kio to help her move the guns. After he ends up being fairly useless she asks him some questions about how he feels about the girls and her.

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 6 Kunns and Chaika Nude Sauna

What did you think?

I have several thoughts about this episode. Firstly, I love watching the Catians discovering Earth customs, especially when they’re naked. It’s great, can’t get enough! After that, there were a series of scenes involving Manami and some horrendous gun safety techniques. I couldn’t believe she kept waving it around and pointing it at Kio, regardless of whether it was unloaded or not. Then, she took it to an A&W for lunch… It did make me want to go to A&W for breakfast though, so no harm.

Finally, the scene where Manami relived her past memories with Kio was intense. I also thought it was really well done with the virtual Kio giving answers to Manami’s questions that she already knew. It helped to confirm that he was just answering the way Manami thought he would. There’s still hope Manami, don’t give up! All in, it was another great episode in a massively underrated series. RIP, Eris’ first mating season!

Episode highlights

Mission Analysis!


Video Club!

Virtual Room!


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