Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 11) – I Came Looking for You

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Cat Planet Cuties Title

The Catian spaceship has been taken over by the Dogishuans and is headed directly for Earth. If they can’t stop it, all of the Catians on board will be killed, but finding a rocket ship is proving tricky!

Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 11) – I Came Looking for You

What happened?

Eris asks Antonia if she is able to find them a spaceship, but it would appear that all of the Earth’s ships have been mysteriously grounded. Of course, it turns out that the Dogishuan’s have pulled some strings and it’s all part of their plan. However, Captain Kunne gave Kio her control bell before being rendered unconscious. That means that Kio is now the captain and has the ability to alter the course of the ship… if he can get to the control room…

Luckily, Captain Kunne’s bell also gives Kio the ability to change matter as he sees fit. All they need to find is some rockets and Kio and create the ship around them. It turns out Antonia’s bodyguard has a contact in Russia that is willing to sell some old rockets. The Dogishuan’s catch wind of this, even with the life-like body doubles that Eris left at the embassy. They’ve sent troops to take them down before they can launch.

Kio finishes the ship and they prepare to launch, but will they be able to make it past the two tank squadrons heading their way and will it even be able to fly through space?

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 11 Kio Manami and Aoi

What did you think?

Once more, there wasn’t that much to report on with this episode. It was all basically about them finding a spaceship so that they could get to the Catian ship. There were some amusing moments and the conflict between Manami and Aoi got a lot more interesting. However, the best moment for me was when we saw the Eris and Kio body doubles. Uncle Yuuichi is awesome and really should have been used much more. As for Maki… Wow! She has an incredible body and makes a fine Eris stand-in.

Next up is the final episode and the thrilling conclusion to this arc. I’m excited, and not just because the OVA is after that, although that is a factor!

Episode highlights

Captain Kio!


Tensions Rising!

The Spaceship!

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