Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 12) – I Came to Find You

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Cat Planet Cuties Title

Kio made a rocketship and they’re all set to try to save the Catians, but the military are closing in. On top of that, emotions are flaring up on the bridge as the girls realise this could be the end!

Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 12) – I Came to Find You

What happened?

The rocketship is fueling up, but with the tanks closing in, it’s looking like they might run out of time. Not to worry though, as Antonia has her battle maids head out and take care of them. It works and they get just enough time to blast off, however, that wasn’t before Manami had a bit of a breakdown and let fly with her emotions.

Things were tense, to begin with, but Manami tried to push Aoi into confessing to Kio before they took off. She got mad at Manami who then turned on Eris. Kio stood there, bewildered. Eris calmly recounted what she understood of Manami’s love for Kio and then confirmed that Aoi felt the same way. That was great, as she too loved Kio. Therefore, they could all love him together… Of course, in Catian society monogamy is not considered the norm and as Kio’s house is technically Catian soil, it’s all good!

Once they made it to space and realised that the Dogishuan’s had launched an attack on them. They each kissed Kio and then got undressed… That was, of course, to put on their battlesuits so that they could fight the Dogishuans while Kio flew back to the mothership. The Assistroids built a hyperspace gate and they managed to escape just in time.

Kio arrived on the mothership and was able to defeat the Dogishuan Assistroids with his power suit, but the computer wouldn’t recognise his command because he wasn’t Catian. Luckily, he was able to change his DNA with the Captain’s bell and saved the day.

Back at Earth, Eris, Manami, and Aoi had defeated Jens, but the Dogishuan space station was falling towards Earth and would destroy the Okinawa area. Aoi calculated that if she increased the speed of descent it would break up over the sea. She charged in without hesitation, but it wasn’t enough. Then, Manami joined her. Together they had done enough but didn’t have the power to escape. They knew that before they started.

Kio arrived back at Earth without a moment to spare and was able to save Aoi and Manami. They were all surprised to see that Kio now had cat ears and a tail. Finally back home, they watched in wonder as the Catians delivered their Christmas present – an orbital elevator.

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 12 Rocket takes off

What did you think?

I think this is as close to a perfect final episode as you’re ever going to get. The last two episodes did a great job of setting things up and this one just knocked it all out of the park. We had the excitement of the rocket taking off in time, then the fight on the bridge, which resulted in Kio becoming the luckiest guy alive (not that he really understood!). Then we had the zero-G kisses, the battle in space, and then a moment of sacrifice from Aoi and Manami. Everything worked and it was a lot of fun. Without the ecchi moments, it would have been an incredible science fiction series, but with them, it was just that much better.

I love this series and it gets better each time I watch it. The last thing I have to rewatch now is the OVA and that is going to be amazing. It’s basically, a number of games of strip something. I can’t wait!

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Episode highlights

Buying Time!

Trouble on the Bridge!

Blast Off!

Battle Stations!


The Mothership!

Saving the Earth!

Happy Ending!

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