Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 2) – I Dropped By

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Cat Planet Cuties Title

Kio takes Eris to the library to learn about Earth culture and to speed things up she uses some helper droids. However, three different groups are closing in on Eris and are planning on making her disappear!

Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 2) – I Dropped By

What happened?

Having treated Eris to some ice cream and a day at the library, Kio takes her home, but something seems off. There are no people and all the street lights just went out. Suddenly, a group of masked people surround them pointing guns at Eris. They demand that she return to her planet as they refuse to recognise her as humanity’s first alien contact.

Kio steps in the way and gets hit. This forces Aoi who is in full battle gear to abandon her mission and intervene, attacking the masked assailants. Then, she returns to her mission, but can’t bring herself to hurt Kio who again tries to save Eris.

Finally, Manami and her contact, Janis tranquilise Kio and Eris and take Eris captive. At the last second Kio’s uncle, Yuuichi bursts onto the scene with flash grenades and manages to get Kio and the droids out. Kio noticed Manami’s watch when she took Eris and asks her where they took her. Manami gives up the information, feeling terrible for what she did.

Yuuichi and Kio track down the secret society and force them to help them break Eris out of a military base. Manami and Aoi team up to help too. Thanks to a crazy distraction from Yuuichi, Kio sneaks into the hanger and arrives to rescue Eris, although she’s already freed herself and captured her kidnappers. She’s delighted that he would risk his life to save her though.

Outside the hanger and with no way to escape, Eris and the droids attack an advancing squadron of tanks with what look like toy hammers! These hammers, however, make quick work of the tanks and everything goes back to normal, the government hiding all the details of the event. Eris is about to return home when they discover that the Catia mothership has arrived at Earth and then two more cat-girls knock on Kio’s door and ask to stay over!

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 2 Eris in the shower

What did you think?

This series is completely insane and I love it for it. The way that all the three groups closed in on Eris and Kio at once was great, but it got even better when Yuuichi appeared out of nowhere. He could become my favourite character… well, after Eris, Manami, and Aoi, of course. I love all the innuendos and cat puns too. They really do take things to the nth degree which is great. I hate it when shows under commit.

So, we got to see more of Aoi’s battle suit and it’s a bit special if you ask me. However, seeing Aoi and Manami team up with all of Aoi’s weaponry was my favourite moment. I love those two characters and together they make for some great moments. It was another hilarious episode in this crazy series. Bring me more.

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Episode highlights


Go Time!

Rescuing Eris!

Hammer Time!

Time to Leave… or Not!

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