Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 5) – We’ve Come to Rescue You

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Cat Planet Cuties Title

Eris and Kio have been kidnapped by the Underside of the Kitten’s Paw and Aoi and Manami are determined to rescue them, however, the only boat capable is currently being used by a legendary movie director!

Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 5) – We’ve Come to Rescue You

What happened?

The director in question is Aoi’s favourite who is known for making high-octane action movies full of girls in skimpy bikinis. They’re feeling a little guilty about taking his boat, but then he walks in on them and thinks they’re the actors for the movie so he hands them a bag with their costumes in. Reluctantly they put on the skimpy bunny-girl bikinis and then steal the boat anyhow. Of course, the director had the boat fitted with cameras and is loving this new direction.

Meanwhile, Eris and Kio are being treated like gods, although Eris informs them that she is not allowed to assume the role of a deity. They meet a giant assist-droid and both assume that there is someone inside. After they’ve had their fun, Eris decides to break out, although her power suit is limiting her abilities because she is in heat.

Aoi and Manami make it onboard the Underside of the Kitten’s Paw’s ship and search for Eris and Kio. Manami finds Kio although he’s now wearing Eris’ power suit as it’s not limiting for him. They discover that Aoi is unconscious in the engine room and with the ship going down, they don’t have time to save her.

Or do they? Kio scoops her up and races through the sinking ship as they try to reach the lifeboat, as Aoi realises that she’s in love with Kio. Meanwhile, the Dogishuan that attacked Aoi escaped to fight another day.

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 5 Eris and Kio

What did you think?

Let’s be completely honest here, this episode is all about the boat chase. Aoi and Manami in the bunny-girl bikinis is something that is going to be hard to forget. There were also some great lines from Eris. The idea that her power suit had detected that she was in heat and automatically limited her power output was hilarious. Also, the deadpan delivery of the fact that she’s not allowed to assume the role of a deity was great. This series has much grander ideas than it would appear at first glance, but then there’s also some great fan service. Anyhow, that’s enough talking about bunny-girl bikinis and time to start looking at them…

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Episode highlights

The Divine Embodiment!

We Need this Boat!

The Rescue!

What are you Wearing?!

Getting Away!

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